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Agencia Tributaria

Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera (SVA)

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SVA Patrol Boats:

 Aguila-class * Albatros-class * Alca-class * Alcaraván-class * Alcotan-Class *    Cormorán-class * Fulmar-class * Gavilán-class * Gerifalte-class HJ-class *      HJ Alpha-class * Halcón-class * IMP & IPP-class * Milano II-class * VA-class


The SVA operating at night off Cadiz (Photo by Orca)


Spanish Customs, in its present format, was only established by Royal Decree on 17th December 1953, although the present title "Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera" was not adopted until 1982. The organization is tasked mainly with anti-drug and tobacco smuggling and prevention of illegal immigration. In the event of war the vessels will come under the juristiction of the Spanish Navy. The Patrol Boat fleet is presently undergoing a modernisation programme but the acquisition of the new vessels is slow due to budgetary restrictions. Seven of the new Rodman 101's have now been delivered replacing some of the older types. In addition the Spanish Government have agreed to build four new high-speed craft for the Aduanas which are planned to be 30-35m long (possibly more Rodman 101's) with a crew of ten and intended mainly for anti-smuggling duties. Each vessel is expected to cost around 4.3m. In late 2008 it was revealed that the SVA was to order new launches of around 31m and 17m, no further details are known at present.

Patrol boat bases:

Algeciras, Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz, Cartagena, A Coruňa, Gijón, Huelva, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Malaga, Marín, Motril, Muros, Palamós, Palma de Mallorca, Pasajes, Santander, Tenerife, Valencia, Vigo (Pontevedra), and Villagarcia.

Colour Scheme:

Originally sported dark blue hulls with white diagonal stripes (with SVA Badge) just aft of the bows and white superstructure. Later, from about 2003, a low-visibility scheme was adopted with a dark blue hull and superstructure with the white stripes replaced by light blue. The Customs crest is superimposed on the stripes, the "Agencia Tributaria" logo and lettering is displayed in light blue on the superstructure and in some cases the call-sign is displayed on the cabin roof.


Six CASA 212-200's (T.12D's) coded 31-60 to 31-65 are operated on behalf of the SVA by Ala 37, 373 Esc. of the Spanish Air Force from Villanubla, Valladolid (Named Alción I to VI).

Also two AS-365 Dauphin helicopters, three Bolkow BO-105B/CD's and a single BK-117 are used from various bases in support of operations as below.

Aviation Bases:


Base Estrechol BO-105 Algeciras
Base Mediterraneo BO-105.BK-117 Alicante
Base Malaga AS-365 Malaga
Base Atlantico AS-365 Vigo
Ala 37 CASA 212-200 Villanubla

Casa 212-200 "37-63" at Malaga in 2005 (Photo by Valentin Ayala Alarcon)

Two C-212-200's "37-64" and "37-61" formate over Valladolid (Photo Rafael Alvaez Cacho)

Casa 212-200 Details
Serial No. Aircraft Code C/n Name Ex Registration
TR.12D-76 37-60 359 Alcion II EC-ECD
TR.12D-77 37-61 261   EC-FAQ
TR.12D-78 37-62 311 Alcion III EC-DTL
TR.12D-79 37-63 323   EC-FAP
TR.12D-80 37-64 178 Alcion I EC-DNB
TR.12D-81 37-65 247   EC-DRO

AS-365 Dauphin EC-IGM (c/n 6616) over Cadiz (Photo by Orca)

The Dauphin II EC-IGM pictured at  16/01/03 (Photo Fabio Acuna)Vigo on

AS-365 Dauphin EC-JDQ (c/n 6679)  in the new colours (Photo by Orca)

EC-KUH C/N 6083 AS.365 Dauphin at Los Barrios, nr La Linea on 17/03/16 (Sorry I lost the authors name)

BO-105CB (c/n S-630) EC-DVK  "Argos I" at Rota in the new colours (Photo by Pacodime)


BO-105CB (c/n S-630) EC-DVK  "Argos I", c/n S-630, in the old colour scheme (Photo by A. Carrasquilla)

BO-105CB EC-DVL "Argos II", c/n S-631,(Photo by R. Yanez)

Bolkow Bo105 EC-DVL seen on 19/07/15 in the new colours at Murcia (Photo MJV)

at Murcia

BO-105CB EC-FFV "Argos VI", c/n S-852 (Photo by Aaron Peteiro)

BK-117 EC-ESX, c/n 7176 (Photo by Luis Rosa)

Patrol Boat Details

Petrel Class: 72.50 x 12.00 x 7.60m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Petrel I EBCJ 1994 1600t 13kts Vigo

Built by Lisnave in Lisbon and finished by Rodman Polyships in Vigo.

Petrel I off of Cadiz (Photo by Orca)

Fulmar Class: 61.50 x 9.90 x 3.60m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Fulmar EBKA 2005 725t 21.5kts Las Palmas

Built by Astilleros Gondan at Castropol, launched 17/10/05 and delivered 03/06.

Fulmar before delivery  at Astilleros Gondan (Photo by Orca)

Gerifalte Class: 31.30 x 6.04 x 3.40m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Gerifalte I EBKQ 2001 85t 35kts Cadiz
X Aniversario EBKR 2002 85 35 Malaga To??
Arao EBPH 2003 85 35 Alicante
Abanto EBJJ 2005 93 35 Cartagena
Paiňo EBOS 2006 93 35 Barcelona
Sacre EBPz 2007 93 35 Las Palmas
Albatros EBPY 2007 93 35 Valencia.
Alcatraz EBCH 2008 93 35 Malaga.
Alca EBCI 2009 93 35 Almeria.
Alcotan EBCK 2009 93 35 La Corruna.
Halcon EBCL 2009 93 35 Vigo.
    2009 93 35  


Gerifalte I at her base in Cadiz in 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

Gerifalte I leaves her base at Cadiz (Photo by Orca)

X Aniversario in the old colours at Malaga in 2004 (Photo N. Rush)

The X Aniversario in the new colour scheme in Malaga in 2006 alongside Alcaudon II (Photo N. Rush)

Arao seen at Alicante (Photo by Roballisa)

Abanto pictured in Cartagena in late 2007 (Photo by Jorge)

Paino pictured at Ferrol in September 2007 (Photo by Romarin)

Sacre seen alongside in A Coruna (Photo by Seňalero)

Albatros seen in Galica (Photo Miguelon)

Alcatraz pictured at Huelva (Photo MMJ)

Alca seen at Almeiria on 08/05/15 (Photo Mike Barker)

Alcotan pictured at A Corunna in  May 2008 (Photo Romarin)

Halcon photographed at Vigo on 08/05/15 (Photo Matty Boy)

Built by Rodman Polyships at Vigo, with more to be acquired, Gerifalte I was launched on 17/02/01 with X Anniversario entering service the following year. Arao followed on 15/11/03, Abanto in 2005 which went to Vigo on 17/05/06 and then to Cartagena by 2007. Paiňo was first noted in late 2006 and the seventh, Albatros, was handed over at Vigo on 07/11/07. Sisters serve with the navies of Surinam, Cameroon and the Philippines as well as the Guardia Civil and Xunta de Galicia (IP-700). Sacre was handed over in the first week of August 2007 and will initially be based on the Galician Coast. Albatros was handed over at Rodman Polyships Vigo on 07/11/07.

Alcaraván Class: 28.50 x 6.50 x 3.03m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Alcaraván I EBOJ 1984 95t 23Kts Cadiz
Alcaraván II EBJO 1986 130 28 Ribadeo
Alcaraván III EBJP 1986 71.5 25 Alicante
Alcaraván IV EBKC 1987 71.5 25 Cartegna.
Alcaraván V EBKD 1987 87 26 Gran Canaria.

Alcaravan I seen out of the water at Santander (Photo JASMR)

Alcaravan II pictured at A Coruna (Photo by Popeye)

Alcaravan III in the old colours in Algeciras (Photo by Juan)

Alcaravan IV in Las Palmas (Photo by Eyeglass)

Alcaravan V (Photo by Orca)

Alcaravan V in Gran Canaria on 28/10/17 (Photo by Lucas)

Built by Viudes in Barcelona and are similar to the SPS Toralla (P81) and Formentor (P82) class patrol boats in Spanish service.


Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base/Comments
Fenix II   2018   45kts Algeciras
Fenix III   2018   45kts Algeciras
Fenix IV   2019     ???
Fenix V   2019     ???

Built by Fabio Buzzi.

Either the new Fenix II or IIi pictured off Algeciras on 24/01/18 (Photo Salvador DelRubia)

Fenix II seen after repaint in the Bay of Gibraltar on 30/08/18 )Photo Tommy Finlayson)

Fenix III pictured off Europa Point, Gibraltar on 03/09/18 (Photo Tommy Finlaysn)

Fenix V pictured off Europa Point, Gibraltar on 29/08/19 (Photo D. Ferro)


Aguila Class 17.33m x 3.80 x 2.36 Rodman 55HJ:

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Aguila I EBJR 2008 55kts 35kts Villagarcia
Aguila II EBJU 2009 55kts 35kts Castellon.
Aguila III EBJV 2009 55kts 35kts Ibiza
Aguila IV EBJW 2009 55kts 35kts Algeciras.
Aguila V EBJX 2009 55kts 35kts Marin.

Built by Rodman Polyships, they are reported to be a slightly shorter version of the SMGC boats. They supercede the earlier Aguila-class built in France and this one was based in Palma.

AguilaI photographed at Marin on 15/06/14 (Photo Courtesy J. Dapp)

Aguila II pictured on 17/03/14 at Castellon (Photo by Socaire)

The Algeciras-based Aguila IV seen on 14/03/13 (Photo D. Ferro)

Aguila V pictured at Ribeira on 27/09/14 (Photo Courtesy Gildo M. Cauceros)


Albatross Class: 32.25 x 5.38 x 3.05m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Albatross II EBOT 1967 85t 30kts Huelva? Replaced by Alcatraz?. WFU.
Albatross III EBOU 1970 85 30 Torrevieja Maritime Museum

Albatross III seen at the Maritime Museum in Torrevieja during 2006 (Photo by Orca)

Built by C. M. N. at Cherbourg, France. Albatross III is now exhibited t Torrevieja next to the ex-SPS Delphin and arrived in 2006, according to the latest "Official" list for 2007 the class is no longer included so the Albatross II can be assumed to also have been withdrawn from use.


Gavilán Class: 28.00 x 5.35 x 3.00m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Gavilán II EBOX 1977 65t 35kts Bilbao Maritime Museum
Gavilán III EBON 1983 65 35 Gijón.
Gavilán IV EBKE 1987 65 35 Villagarcia. WFU

Gavilan II seen at Bilbao in 2006 (Photographer unknown please let me know)

Gavilan III seen in Northern Spain (Photo by Pantoke)

Gavilan IV also seen in Northern Spain near Villagarcia (Photo by Romarin)

Gavilán I, built in 1983 has been withdrawn from service as was the prototype of the class, Aquliuch. Gavilan II joined the Maritime Museum at Bilbao on 10/10/07.


Halcón Class: 24.50 x 6.08 x 2.93m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Halcón II EBDH 1980 60.65t 27kts Alicante. WFU
Halcón III EBDI 1983 68.00 26 Valencia.

The Halcón II seen at Valencia (Photo by Socaire)

The Halcón III seen at Valencia (Photo by Socaire)

Built by Viudes at Barcelona, no details are available on the Halcón I, if it existed?


Alca Class: 17.00 x 4.70 x 2.07m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Alca 1 EBKF 1989 24t 35kts Palamós. WFU.
Alca III EBDL 1989 24 35 Bilbao. WFU.

Alca I in the intermediate colours at its base in Palamós in 2003 (Photo Jordi Jr.)

The Alca I at Speed, location and date unknown (Photo by Nacho)

The Alca III in the old colour scheme at Motril date unknown. (Photo D. Ferro)

Built by Viudes at Barcelona, Alca II was withdrawn from use in 1990.

Cormorán Class: 17.05 x 4.00 x 2.05m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Cormorán EBDQ 1989 22t 55kts Barcelona.
Colimbo II EBOR 1997 22 55 Motril.
HJ-1 EBJQ 1986 22 55 Palamos
Colimbo III EBPF 2003 22 55 Villagarcia.. Burnt out in a fire  06/08/19.
Colimbo IV EBPG 2003 22 55 Cartagena.

Pictured entering Cartagena in 2006 is the Cormoran (Photo by Esparray)

Photographed in Villagarcia in July 2006 is the HJ-1 (Photo by Romarin)

Colimbo II at Marin in September 2007 (Photo by JMBC)

Colimbo III at Cangas do Morrazo (Galicia) in May 2006 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

Colimbo IV at Cartagena in April 2008 (Photo by Jorge)

Colimbo IV seen in the Bay of Gibraltar 28/05/19 (Photo D. Ferro)

Built by Rodman Polyships at Vigo (Model Rodman 56). The HJ-1 is named after an HJ class vessel that was destroyed by fire (see later), Colimbo III and IV were delivered 23/05/03. Conformation of the bases would be appreciated.


HJ Class: 14.00 x 3.80 x 1.94m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
HJ-III EBNE 1986 16t 53kts Las Palmas. WFU.
HJ-IV EBNF 1986 16 53 Barcelona. WFU.
HJ-V EBNG 1986 16 53 Cartagena. WFU.
HJ-VI EBNH 1986 16 53 Villagarcia. WFU.
HJ-VII EBNI 1986 16 53 Alicante. WFU.
HJ-VIII EBNJ 1987 16 53 Motril. Algeciras.
HJ-IX EBNK 1987 16 53 Algeciras
HJ-X EBDM 1989 16 53 Noted Cadiz in October 2007. Huelva. 2017.

HJ-III in the Canary Islands at Las Palmas (Photo by Eyeglass)

The HJ-IV leaving port (Photo by Nacho)

Seen in Palamos 15/09/07 is the Barcelona based HJ-IV (Photo by J. Montoro Andreu)

The HJ-V in the Balearics in 2006 (Photo by Esparray)

Seen in Villagarcia the HJ-VI nestles against the HJ-1 (Photo by JMBC)

HJ-VII passes Europa Point at Gibraltar on 22/02/09 (Photo D. Ferro)

The HJ-VIII alongside in Algeciras in September 2006 (Photo D. Ferro)

The HJ-IX at her base in Algeciras in 2005 (Photo N. Rush)

The HJ-IX rounds Europa Point, Gibraltar at speed in December 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

Seen in Cadiz 02/10/04 is the elusive HJ-X in the old colours (Photo D .Ferro)

The HJ-X (in the new colours) inboard of the Milano in Cadiz October 2007 (Photo by Penuelas)

Built by Rodman Polyships at Vigo (Model Rodman 46). HJ-I caught fire and sank in the Rio Aras, her memory was commemorated by the name later being allocated to a Cormorán class vessel. HJ-II was withdrawn from use in 1989. The HJ-VI caught fire on 04/03/08 near Villagarcia and sank, with no injuries, in 18m of water at Ria de Arousa, the wreck was later recovered and taken back to Villagarcia.


HJ-Alpha Class: 14.10 x 3.05 x 2.03m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
HJ-A EBKM 1994 12t 50 Almeria. WFU?

Seen on maintenance at Cadiz in 2006 is the sole HJ-A before being taken to Almeria (Photo N. Rush)

Prototype of an improved HJ Class built in Tarragona but considered to be a failure. Taken to Almeria after maintenance at Cadiz to replace the Fenix.


Milano II Class: 14.70 x 3.80 x 2.00m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Milano II EBKP 1999 14.65t 50kts+ Huelva

Milano II on maintenance at Cadiz in 2004 in the old colours (Photo D. Ferro)

Taken in 2006 Milano II in the new colours in Cadiz (Photo N. Rush)

Essentially an HJ Class but 70cms longer with more powerful engines, built by Rodman Polyships at Vigo (Model Rodman 46).


Alcotán Class: 17.26 x 4.96 x 2.10m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
Alcotán II EBKN 1997 22t 55kts Algeciras. WFU.
Fenix EBCM 1998 22 55 Almeria? WFU?
Alcaudon II EBKO 1999 22 55 Malaga WFU?

Alcotan II in Algeciras in 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

Another view of the Alcotan II but out of the water (Photo by Juan)

Alcotan 1I all wrapped up in Cadiz 23/08/07 (Photo N. Rush)

SVA Fenix in Cadiz January 2007 (Photo by Orca)

Taken in Malaga in 2006 is the Alcaudon II (Photo N. Rush)

Built by the old Bazán in Cadiz, the Fenix was noted in January 2007 on maintenance at Cadiz after being replaced by the HJ-A in Almeria.


VA Class: 15.70 x 4.10 x 2.26m

Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
VA II EBJK 1985 23.70t 28kts Muros.
VA III EBJL 1985 23.70 28 Barcelona. WFU.
VA IV EBJM 1985 23.70 28 Ibiza. Still in service 06/10/17.
VA V EBJN 1985 23.70 28 Valencia. WFU.

The VA II pictured in Villagarcia (Photo JMBC)

Pictured in Barcelona is the VA III alongside the HJ-IV (Photo by Nacho)

The VA III seen in Barcelona 07/05/07 (Photo by Jordi Jr)

Seen during the Americas Cup 2007 is the Valencia based VA V (Photo by Socaire)

Built by Viudes in Barcelona, the VA I was withdrawn in 1988, the VA III is not named "La Restinga", Restinga is a VA Class boat but which one is uncertain. The VA with no numbers after the VA that was photographed in Palma is actually the VA IV!


IMP & IPP-class

The two IMP Class I and II and the two IPP Class I and II, Tulio Abate built, are no longer current.

An "IMP" in the Straits of Gibraltar, date unknown (Photo D. Ferro)

IMP-II on the dockside at Las Palmas in 2007 (Photo by Orca)

The IPP-I out of use at Cadiz 01/05/07 (Photo N. Rush)

.....and the IPP-II on the same date (Photo N. Rush)


In addition the Aduanas operate various RHiB's and boats including: 1 x 1211 class "La Chaparrita" (deployed aboard Petrel 1), 5 x 730 class (built by Duarry in Barcelona), 4 x 620 class (Duarry), 20 x 520 class (Duarry) plus other assorted Crompton, Zodiac, Valiant etc.

La Chaparrita (Photo by Orca)

SVA Charon, class unknown at Los Cristianos on  28/10/17 , she was acquired in 2016 from SASEMAR. C/sign EBJN.Used as a harbour  launch and based at Gran Canaria )Photo by Lucas)

Aduanas RIB at Cadiz on 01/05/07 (Photo N. Rush)

Peugot 305 of the Aduanas  at Algeciras on 01/05/07 (Photo N. Rush)

As usual all sightings and any photographs will be gratefully received and thank you to everyone at for their help.

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