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Servicio Marítimo

Guardia Civil

A "Gaggle" of Guardia Civil in Valencia for the Americas Cup 2007 (Photo by Socaire)

Aircraft/Helicopters - Bazan IVP - Rodman 82 - Rodman 101 - Bazan/Saeta 39Rodman 55M - Rodman 55 "Canarias" - Rodman 55HJ - Rodman 58 - Auxiliar Naval ?? - Rodman 66 - Various


The Marine Service of the Guardia Civil (Servicio Marítimo) was established by Royal Decree on the 22nd February 1991 and operates an ever-increasing fleet of Patrol craft and helicopters from a large number of bases throughout Spain and the Canary Islands in support of anti-drug smuggling, illegal immigration and anti-terrorist operations. More orders are planned for the Rodman 101 series of boats as well as for the high-speed version of the Rodman 55 (36 planned). Also deliveries of the new EC-135P2 helicopters commenced in 2005 to supplement/replace the existing fleet of BO105 and BK117’s.

During 2006 a Rodman 101 class vessel was dispatched to the Canaries/Mauritania area as part of the Frontex Deployment (Hera I/Hera II, with HQ at Santa Cruz de Tenerife) to assist with the problems of illegal immigration from the African coast, she left Cadiz 30/08/06 and joins a GC helicopter, the four ex-Guardia Civil patrol boats transferred to the Mauritania Gendarmerie and an Aduanas vessel. In addition another GC Patrol boat, M11, was sent to Senegal to work alongside another GC helicopter, an Italian ship, an Italian Air Force ATR-42 and a Finnish Naval vessel.

Colour Scheme:

Patrol craft are painted green/white with red and yellow diagonal stripes aft of the dark green bows. All craft carry the Guardia Civil crest while others also wear the Fishery Protection pennant and/or SIVE (Integrated Exterior Vigilance System) titles. Recently one of the Rodman 101's appeared in an overall light grey experimental colour scheme. All individual numbers are actually pre-fixed with "GC" although in most cases this prefix is not carried.

Patrol Boat Bases:

Algeciras, Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz (Puntales), Cartagena, Castellon, Ceuta, Corralejo (Fuerteventura), Gijón, Huelva, La Coruna, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Malaga (Benalmadena), Main, Motril, Palma, Pontevedra, Santander, Tarragona, Valencia and Vizcaya.


The Servicio Aéreo de la Guardia Civil operate the survivors of 30 Bo105CB/CBS4 helicopters coded from 09-101 to 09-130 in support of their operations alongside 9 BK117's (09-201 to 205, 231 to 234). In 2004 30 EC-135P2 helicopters were ordered from Eurocopter (Coded 09-301 to 09-330) with initial deliveries being in service by late 2005. In late 2007 EADS announced that the Spanish Ministry of the Interior had ordered two CN-235' for the service with the first due for delivery in mid 2008 with the second following in early 2009. They will be employed on Maritime Security Operations and Border Control duties with one being based in the Canaries with the other being used along the southern Spanish coast. In 2016 the first of the new AS-365 Dauphin-2s was delivered being  numbered 09-401, 4 aircraft were ordered.

The first of the CN-235 aircraft T.19-21B , 09-501, seen at Palma on 29/12/13 (Author unknown-sorry)

T.19B-22 09-502, , pictured at Malaga on 29/12/11 (Author unknown-sorry)

One of the Guardia Civil's Bo-105's 09-112 (Photo by Tango)

Bolkow CB HU.15-88, 09-116 seen over Lanzarote on 17/04/05 (Author unknown)

The first BK-117 for the Guardia Civil  HU.22-1 "09-201" at Cuartro Vientos in 2003 (Photo by Manuel Pancorbo)

BK-117  09-231 pictured over Malaga 21/01/11 (Photo Lem Bright)

BK-117 09-234 pictured at Rota on 14/09/17 (Photo D. Ferro)

EC-135P 01-312 seen at Rota on 14/09/17 (Photo D. Ferro)

HU.19-09, 09-313 pictured over Torrejon 17/01/13 (Author unknown)

EC-135P2 HU.26-01 "09-301" at Zaragoza (Photo by Ricardo Aysa Calahorra)

The first HU.30-1/09-401, a AS-365 Dauphin B-2 at Rota on 14/09/17 (Photo D. Ferro)

An unusual aircraft, a tTecnam P-2006 EC-LUM seen at Malaga on 06/03/14 (Photo by Verdi)


UHEL-11 and 41 are based at South and North Tenerife respectively, UHEL-21 resides at Seville, UHEL-31 at Valencia, UHEL-51 at Logrono and UHEL-61 over at Leon.

Aviation Bases:

Southern Sector HQ Seville Bases at Malaga and Rota
Eastern Sector HQ Valencia Bases at Murcia and Palma
North-Eastern Sector HQ Zaragoza Bases at Huesca and Logrono
North-Western Sector HQ Leon Bases at A Coruňa and Oviedo
Canaries Sector HQ Tenerife Bases in the Canary Islands

Patrol Boat Details:

In August 2007 it was announced that the Rio Miňo (call sign ECNL), an ex-Japanese 51m ship, had begun Sea Trials out of Burela, painted in SMGC colours and captained by a civilian skipper. Also in the same release the "Britannia" is reported operating of Mauritania manned by tug crews with a four-strong SMGC detachment aboard. The Spanish Government is rumoured to be in the process of purchasing the vessel. Also in July 2007 two patrol boats (unidentified type!) were transferred from Spain to the Gambia, details required!, this follows on from the four Patrol boats that were "lent" to Mauritania in 2006.

Patrulleros oceánico


No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
----- Rio Mino ECNL 1984 600t 11 kts Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
---- Rio Tajo EBWT 1976 826t 10 kts Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
A20 Rio Segura EAAE 2010 1668t 17 kts Valencia
A-21 Rio Allmanza eBSL 2019   35kts Algeciras

First Picture of the Rio Mino (Photo by Timonel de Combate)

Rio Tajo pictured at Las Palmas on 01/02/11 (Photo by Foggy)

The Rio Segura, A20, at Valencia on 27/03/13 (Photo by Socaire)

Rio Segura A-20 pictured at Santa Cruz De La Palma on

\A-21 rio Almanza pictured at Burela in 2019 (Photo

Rio Mino;  Ex-Japanese Fishing trawler built in 1984 and converted into a patrol vessel by the Armon Group in Burela, Lugo. Entered service in 2007 and deployed to Senegal.

Rio Tajo; Built in Germany in 1973. Converted into a Patrol vessel at Repnaval Shipyard in Las Palmas for SASEMAR as Britannia Uno and deployed to Mauritania. Renamed Rio Tajo and based at Las Palmas.

Rio Segura: The first OPV to be built from new at Astilleros 2010. The 73m boat is based in Valencia

A-21 built at Astilleros Armon Burela in 2019. 35M X 8M

Gondan 21  Patrol Boats  20.50m x 4.92m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M55 Rio Belelle EA4361 2015 25   Algeciras
M56 Rio Agueda EA4258 2019   35 cadiz
M-60 Rio Guadalhorse   2020   35 Santander
M-60 Rio Esera   2020   35  
M-61 Rio Oja   2020   35  


os Gondan and built at Vega Built of aluminium and GRP the two PrFBdeo. They are due to enter service in 2015. Both vessels were commissioned in Algeciras on 08/07/15.

Artists impression of the new Patrol Boat (Photo Gondan)

The M-55 Rio Bellel seen rounding Europa Point, Gibraltar on 16/07/15  (Photo D. Ferro)


M56 Rio Agueda pictured off Rota on 17/09/17 (Photo Danny Ferro)


Bazan IVP  "Salema" Class (Altura) - 22.20 x 5.99 x 1.80m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
A01 Salema EA3981 1999 81.8t 20kts Puntales/Cadiz

The A01 Salema in Algeciras in September 2006 (Photo D. Ferro)

A01 Salema alongside in Algeciras 23/08/07 (Photo N. Rush)

Ex-Seriola Primero and Bazan 312, commissioned on 24/06/99, hull lengthened in 2003 to facilitate the operation of a RHiB

Rodman 82 Class (Altura) - 26.00 x 5.90 x 3.4m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base/Notes
A01 Seriola   2001 65t 30kts Re-numbered A02
A02 Rio Guadiaro EA5339 2001 65t 30 Alicante (ex-A01)
A03 Rio Pisuerga EA5444 2001 65t 30 AlgecirasTo Santander.
A04 Rio Nalon EA5447 2001 65t 30 Gijón (ex-Rio Navia)

Photographed in Palma, the A02 Rio Guadiaro alongside (Photo Lucas)

Another view of A02 Rio Guadiaro in Barcelona 02/09/04 (Photo by Jordi)

A03 Rio Pisuerga alongside at Isla Verde, Algeciras March 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

The A03 off of Algeciras (Photo N. Rush)

Photographed at Gijon the A04 Rio Nalon departs (Photo by Pantoke)

Rodman 101 Class (Altura) - 30.00 x 5.90 x 3.40m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base/Notes
A05 Rio Palma ECAD 2002 85t 35kts Tenerife. Damaged 09/01/08 at Tenerife and WFU.
A06 Rio Andarax   2003 85t 35 La Coruňa/Ferrol
A07 Rio Guadalope   2003 85t 35 Lanzarote/Corralejo..
A08 Rio Almanzora   2003 85t 35 Almeria (Grey Overall) Later painted in SMGC Colours.
A09 Rio Nervion   2004 85t 35 Vizcaya
A10 Rio Guadalaviar ECGB 2004 85t 35 Malaga/Benalmadena
A11 Rio Cabriel   2004 85t 35 Cadiz/Puntales
A12 Rio Cervantes ECGH 2004 85t 35 Palma de Mallorca
A13 Rio Ara   2004 85t 35 Tenerife
A14 Rio Adaja   2005 85t 35 Valencia
A15 Rio Duero   2005 85t 35 Marin, to Mauritanian duties. Returned and at Corralejo in 2013.
A16 Rio Guadiana   2006 85t 35 Huelva
A17 Rio Francoli   2006 85t 35 Tarrogona
A18 Rio Guadalete EAix 2009 85t 35 Algeciras
A19 Caballero EAIW 2008 85t 35 Pontevedra to Algeciras

Pictured at her Palma base is the A05 Rio Palma (Photo by Lucas)

A06 Rio Andarax patrolling at the Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo 11/11/05 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

The all grey A08 Rio Almanzora in Almeria in 2006 (Photo by Juan)

Now painted in SMGC Colours the Rio Almanzora A08 seen off Almeria 06/06/12 (Photo Juan F)

A09 Rio Nervion seen at Marin (Photo by Serviola )

A10 Rio Guadalaviar turns in Malaga Port March 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

A11 Rio Cabriel in Cadiz March 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

A12 Rio Cervantes seen at Palma de Mallorca 13/04/05 (Photo by Lucas)

A13 Rio Ara in Barcelona (Photo by Nacho)

A14 Rio Adaja, at the Volvo Ocean Race (Photo by Socaire)

A15 Rio Duero at the start of the Volvo Ocean race in Sanxenxo (Galicia) 05/11/05 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

The elusive A16 Rio Guadiana taken off of Huelva in September 2007 (Photo by Pacodime)

A17 Rio Francoli leaving Algeciras on delivery to Tarragona 14/05/07 (Photo D. Ferro)

Rio Guadalete pictured at Marin in 2010 (Photo by Pepelince)

Cabellero at Lanzarote in 2011 (Photo by JMBC)

Rio Guadiana delivered June 2006, Rio Duero was sent to the Canaries in August 2006 to help with the problems with illegal immigrants. More of the type are planned to be ordered, sisters operate with the SVA (Aduanas) and also the Surinam, Cameroon and Philippine Navies. Rio Francoli was delivered via Algeciras 14/05/07.

Bazan "Saeta 39" Class (Ligera) - 12.00 x 3.80 x 0.70m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
L01 - EB7002 1991 14t 38kts Withdrawn From Use.
L02 - EB6999 1992 14t 38 Cadiz/Puntales, to?
L03 -


1992 14t 38 Withdrawn From Use following accident.
L04 - EB7242 1992 14t 38 Marin
L05 - EB7262 1992 14t 38 Alicante (ex-Bazan SF305)
L06 - EB7263 1992 14t 38 Gerona (ex-Bazan SF306)
L07 - EB7262 1993 14t 38 Ceuta (ex-"Nesea")
L08 - EB7265 1995 14t 38 Malaga/Benalmadena
L09 - EB7266 1995 14t 38 Algeciras
L10 - EA3020 1995 14t 38 Castellon
L11 - EA3019 1995 14t 38 Barcelona (ex_Bazan SF312)
L12 - EB3021 1995 14t 38 Cartagena

GCL-01 the prototype pictured out of use at Almeria? She was about a ton lighter and a metre shorter than the rest

(Photo by Romarin)

Pictured in Cadiz in May 2006 is the L02 which now seems to have disappeared (Photo by D. Ferro)

The LO2 seen on 22/06/07 at Puntales (Photo Luis Dominguez Rodriguez)

The L03 pictured on the rocks, location and author unknown.  Reported to have returned to service.  (Credit

L04 at the Spanish Naval Academy base in Marín July 2006 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

L04 on a low-loader 06/07 at Ferrol, en-route to where? (Photo by JMBC)

The unmarked L05, location unknown (possibly Alicante!) - (Photo by Tango)

Arriving in Ceuta in late 2006 the L07 enters the harbour (Photo by Sergio)

L08 alongside in Benalmadena 09/03/07 (Photo N. Rush)

The L09 leaves Algeciras at speed in 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

Photo by Socaire of the L10 in Valencia in 2007

The L11 photographed in Barcelona (Photo by Nacho)

L12 departing from Cartagena in late 2006 (Photo by Jordi Jr.)

The type also operates with the Argentinean, Uruguayan and Portuguese services. L03 suffered an accident (date unknown, but prior to 2003) off the Catalan coast and has been withdrawn from service and the L01 is out of use at Almeria, this particular vessel was the prototype for the class and was slightly smaller in size, she also carries the full number "GC-L01" on her stern and was still current in 2003. Two of this class were noted in Mauritanian Gendarmerie colours aboard the SPS Contamaestre Casado (A01) in Algeciras 20/07/06 along with two Rodman 55m's (ID of vessels required please). By 2007 both the L02 (Cadiz) and the L09 (Algeciras) had both disappeared as had the M12 (also Algeciras), although the L09 was back by 04/10/07. Most were sold to West African Nations as per the L-class.

Rodman 55M Class (Media) - 16.50 x 3.80 x 0.70m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
M01 - EB4628 1991 17.5t 35kts Withdrawn From Use.
M02 - EB4634 1991 17.5t 35 Huelva
M03 - EB4637 1991 17.5t 35 Valencia
M04 - EB4663 1991 17.5t 35 Lanzarote/Corralejo
M05 - EB4675 1991 17.5t 35 Almeria? (ex-Malaga?)
M06 - EB5386 1993 17.5t 35 Santander
M07 - EB6596 1993 17.5t 35 Santander. WFU and awaiting scrapping 2012.
M08 - EB6625 1993 17.5t 35 Bilbao
M09 - EB7796 1993 17.5t 35 Ceuta (Ex-Rodman 55009)
M10 - EB7867 1993 17.5t 35 Ferrol (ex-Rodman 55010)
M11 - EB7873 1993 17.5t 35 Motril (ex-Rodman 55011) To Senegal 01/07
M12 - EB7994 1993 17.5t 35 Algeciras (ex-Rodman 55012) To Ceuta. To Algeciras and decommissioned.
M13 - EB2232 1996 17.5t 35 Marin/Vigo
M14 - EA2311 1996 17.5t 35 Palma de Mallorca

Seen at Benalmadena on 02/08/08 is the elusive M05 (Photo D. Ferro)

M06 pictured at Santander (Photo by JASMR)

Also taken at Santander is the M07 alongside the M06 (Photo by JASMR)

M08 pictured in Barcelona (Photo P. Crichton)

Pictured at its base at Ceuta in 2006 is the M09 (Photo by Sergio)


The M10 off Ferrol (Photo by Romarin)

The M11 at Motril prior to being deployed to Senegal (Photo by Maldo)

The Algeciras based M12 passes Europa Point, Gibraltar October 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

M13 at the departure of the Volvo Ocean race from Vigo 12/11/05 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

The unnumbered M14 pictured in Palma (Photo by Lucas)

An unnumbered M-class, possible M14, at Palma in 2007 (Photo by Siroc)

Another M-Class by Lucas, the  1996 Omega Uno (c/s EA2610) used by the Spanish Royal family at Palma (ex-M20)

Five sister ships were sold to the Paraguayan Navy in 1995 and another three to Surinam. Two of the class were noted in Algeciras aboard the SPS Contramaestre Casado (A01) in Mauritanian Gendarmerie colours 20/07/06 (Conformation of ID Needed. M01 was sunk in the Straits of Gibraltar in 2002 so the base it was operating from at the time is assumed to have been Algeciras or Cadiz. M05 actually carries "GC-M05" on her hull.

Rodman 55HJ "Canarias" Class (Media-High Speed) - 17.40 x 3.80 x 2.10

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M15 Tinecheyde EB4712 1999 20t 40kts Lanzarote/Corralejo.WFU by 2012.
M16 Almirante Diaz Pimienta EB4713 1999 20t 40 Lanzarote/Corralejo


The M16 Almirante Diaz Pimienta pictured in the Canary Islands in 2007 (Photo A. Sitter)

Unidentified "Canarias" class (Date, location and photographer unknown)

Rodman 55HJ "Rio Arba" Class (Media-High Speed) - 17.33 x 3.80 x 2.10m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ Speed Base
M17 Rio Arba   2003 20t 50kts Malaga/Benalmadena
M18 Rio Caudal   2004 20t 50 Ceuta
M19 Rio Bernesga   2004 20t 50 Cadiz/Puntales
M20 Rio Martin   2004 20t 50 Tarragona
M21 Rio Guadalobon   2004 20t 50 Huelva
M22 Rio Cedena   2004 20t 50 Algeciras
M23 Rio Ladra   2004 20t 50 Alicante
M24 Rio Cervera   2005 20t 50 Cartagena
M25 Rio Jucar   2005 20t 50 Valencia
M26 Rio Gallo   2005 20t 50 Malaga
M27 Rio Jiloca   2005 20t 50 Almeria
M28 Rio Aragon   2005 20t 50 Motril
M28 Rio Alfambra   2005 20t 50 Ibiza. Sunk after a fire in 2011 off Porto Pi.
M29 Rio Santa Eulalia   2005 20t 50 Barcelona
M30 Rio Ulla   2005 20t 50 Cadiz/Puntales.
M32 Rio Mijares   2006 20t 50 Castellon de La Plana
M54 Sa Costera   2014 20t 50 Palma de Mallorca.

The M17 Rio Arba prepares to escort the ships of SNMG2 out of Malaga (Photo N. Rush)

The M18 Rio Caudal in May 2005 after being rammed by a smugglers RhIB (Photo Navegando)

Looking a bit better the Rio Caudal seen in Valencia 2007 at the Americas Cup (Photo by Socaire)

M19 Rio Bernesga at the departure of the SPS Juan Sebastian de Elcano from Cadiz January 2007 (photo N. Rush)

M20 Rio Martin at Tarragona (Photo by Nacho)

Pictured at the Americas Cup in Valencia 30/06/07 is the M21 Rio Guadalobon (Photo by Socaire) 

The Algeciras based M22 Rio Cedena passes Europa Point on her way back to base in December 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

M23 Rio Ladra pictured at the Americas Cup in Valencia in May 2007 (Photo Socaire)

The M24 Rio Cervera at Cartagena 29/06/06 (Photo Lucas)

M25 Rio Jucar pictured out of the water at Valencia 14/03/07 (Photo by Socaire)

M26 Rio Gallo seen at Los Cristianos, Tenerife in May 2008 (Photo by Sydney Sinclair)

Photographed at Almeria by Jordi Jr. is the M27 Rio Jiloca.

The Motril based M28 Rio Aragon shows her capabilities (Photo by Maldo)

Mmm! The other M28 Rio Alfambra in Ibiza in June 2008 (Photo by Esparray)

M29 Rio Santa Eulalia at Barcelona (Photo by Nacho)

M30 Rio Ulla at its base of L'Escalla, Girona 27/11/06 (Photo by Jordi Jr) - Note the SMGC vessel inboard - ID??

M18 was seriously damaged 21st May 2005 at Ceuta when it was rammed by a RHiB suspected of smuggling. The Smugglers RHib sliced in to the the bridge and superstructure but luckily no injuries were sustained. The boat was shipped back to Rodman at Vigo to assess the damage and at one stage it was thought to be a total loss but by July 2006 it was back on station at Ceuta. In early 2007 pictures emerged of the Rio Aragon and the Rio Alfambra, both in different locations at the same time, and both wearing the number M28!!!! Does anyone know the number of the Rio Llobregat and where is is based, if it exists? The Rio Ulla had moved from Gerona to Cadiz by January 2008 operating alongside the Rio Bernesga and replacing the Rio Guadalquivir.

Rodman 58 Class (Media)

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M31 Corvo Mariňo   2006 ? ? Marín

The M31 Corvo Mariňo at Marín in July 2006 (Photo Mariňeiriňo)

This is believed to be a one-off boat, she is assigned to the "Illas Atlanticas" National Park and based in Marin. A sister, "Isla de Tarifa", is operated by the Junta de Andalusia and is based in Tarifa.

Alusafe 1500 Mk. II class  15.65m in length.

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M40 Rio Aller ? 2008 ? 36 Gijon
M41 Cabo de Gata ? 2008 ? 36 Almeria
m42 io torms ? 2008   36 Algeciras
L16 Rio Vero   2016   36 Vivero (Lugo)

Rio Aller (M40) seen at Astilleros Armon in February 2008 (Photo by Romarin)

The Cabo de Gata (M41) seen in Almeria 30/05/08 (Photo by Jorge)

Rio Tormes (M42) seen off Europa Point 20/01/09 (Photo by D. Ferro)

First noted at Auxiliar Naval in February 2008, the design appears to be based on the modified Alusafe 1500 Mk II-class operated by SASEMAR.

Alusafe 2100-Class-21.9m

No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M48 Rio Tamba EA9966 2011     Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
M49 Rio Orbigo   2011     Arrecife
M50 Rio Jaandula EC3028 2011     Santa Cruz de Tenerife
M51 Rio Jallas   2014     Ribeira.
M52 Rio Saja   2014     Santander, Cantabria
M53 Rio Navia   2014     Gijon.
M-57 Rio Lea   2016     n Sebastian Guipuzcoa
M-58 Rio Sella   2018     Pasajes

All built by Astilleros SArmon at Auxiliar Navale and based on the Alusafe 2100.

The M50 Rio Jandular pictured at Los Cristianos, Tenerife (Photo Marinhero)

M-50 Rio Jandular seen at Tenerife North on 28/10/17 (Photo by Lucas)

M51 Rio Jallas at Ribeira on 12/05/16 (Photo Gildo M. Cauceros)

Rio Saja M52 pictured at Santander on 24/10/16 (Photo Courtesy Priato)


 Rodman 66 - Class (36t) 20m x 4.9m x 1.4m


No. Name C/Sign Year Displ. Speed Base
M34 Canal Bocayna EA2315 2008 36t 30kts Corralejo/Fuerteventura
M35 Pico del Teide EA2259 2008 36t 30 Tenerife
M36 Rio Guadalquivir EA2260 2008 36t 30 Cadiz to Girona.
M37 Rio Tordera EC2303 2008 36t 30 Almeria
M38 Rio Pas EA2908 2008 36t 30 Algeciras.
M39 Rio Guadalentin EA4437 2008 36t 30 Cartegena.
M43 Rio Tur   2008 36t 30 Benalmadena
M44 Rio Jenil   2010 36t 30 Motril
M45 Rio Gallego   2010 36t 30 Porto Pi, Palma de Mallorca.
M46 Rio Nacimiento   2010 36t 30 Almeria
M47 Rio Nansa   2011 36t 30 Castellon

The Pico de Teide (EA2259) photographed in May 2008 in Northern Spain (Photo by Penuelas)

M-35 Pico del Teide Pictured at Tenerife North on 28/10/17 (Photo by Lucas)

Rio Guadalquivir (EA2260) at Cadiz 31/05/08 (Photo Luis Dominguez Rodriguez)

Rio Tordera (EC2303) taken at Barcelona 04/06/08 (Photo Jordi Jr)

The Algeciras-based M38 Rio Pas pictured off Gibraltar 16/02/13 (Photo J J Fernandez)

Rio Guadalentin (M39) seen at Cartagena in August 2008 (Photo by Javiertarifa)

The Rio Tur M43 seen in 2011 off La Corruna (Photo Miguelon)

Pictured off Motril on 16/06/13 is The Rio  Genil (Photo Salvador De La Rubia)

Rio Gallego M45 pictured off Porto Pi, Palma de Mallorca in 2010 (Author  unknown)

Seen on 14/09/11 off  Almeria is The Rio Naciemento M46 )Photo Juan Fra Monzon)

The Rio  Nanser M47 seen at Castellon in 2010 (Photo Alfredo Campos Brandon)


All based on the successful Rodman 66 series of patrol boats, sisters serve with the Spanish Navy at Marin as the Guardiamarina Barrutia-class and Gabon are reported to have ordered 9 in late 2006. The first of nine for the SMGC, Canal Bocayna was delivered on 28/01/08 while Pico de Teide followed to the Canaries on 01/02/08. Rio Guadalquivir was delivered 16/05/08 and Rio Pas entered service at Santander on 11/06/08. These replace the "L" , Saeta-class, which have gradually been withdrawn or transferred overseas. Rio Tordera was noted in service by 06/08 and the  Rio Guadalentin was noted Lisbon in early July heading southwards on delivery to Cartagena.



N.B. The A series is "Altura" and effectively means Large Patrol boats, M series "Media" means Medium patrol boats and L is for "Ligulae or Ligera" or Light. S is used for "Semirigidas" for RHiBs (i.e. GC-S05, S06 and S07) and X is used for various (ie GC-X04, ex-DGPC 1). Also a number of RHiB's numbered in the PGC-?? range are used The listed bases for the craft should be taken as a guide only as the boats can move around as maintenance dictates, also any reports of sightings or photographs will be gratefully received.


Duarry 2001 built RHiB GC-S05 photographed in 2005 at Algeciras (Photo N. Rush)

GC-S05 rounds Europa Point (Photo D. Ferro)

Another Duarry built RHiB, GC-S04, at Algeciras (ex-Ceuta) in 2005 looking a bit deflated (Photo N. Rush)

Yet another Duarry RHiB (2001-built), GC-SO?, this time the Cadiz based example on 01/05/07 (Photo N. Rush)

The Duarry built GC-S07 "Cabrera" at Porto Pi in May 2005 (Photo by Lucas)

Any idea what Class this belongs to??? (Photo N. Rush)

The Guardia Civil also use a number of non-standard craft, pictured here is the "Gamma" (ex-Njao) at Palma, built in Barcelona in 1987 (8.62t), type unknown (Photo by Lucas). There are various others in service if anyone has any photographs please let us know.

A new Duarry-built launch seen at Valencia in March 2008 (Photo Socaire)

The  1998? built Rodman 46 (same model as the Aduanas HJ-series) "Omega Dos"  (EB3801) in Palma 2007, Owned by the Ministry of the Interiorfor the Royal Family, (Photo by Siroc)

Omega Dos in full GC colours, was based in Ceuta from 2015 (Photo Alan Killpatrick)

"Omega Tres", A Duarry Cormoran 730, also in Palma 2007 operated for the Royal FAMILY. (Photo by Siroc)

A SMGC "Captured" launch seen at Cartagena in May 2008 (Author Unknown)

S17-Class (8.5m x 3.2 x 0.84)

No Name C/Sign Year Kts   Base/Comments
S17 No Name     2011   Cadiz/Puntales
s       2015   Melilla

The S17 pictured at Cadiz in 2012 (Photo by Orca)

An Aister RAL-850-ZSF type Patrol Vessel, delivered to the SMGC on 26/03/11 by the company AISLAMIENTOS TERMICOS DE GALICIA SA in Vigo. Length is 8.5m  x 3.2 x 0.84)


S-18-Class 10.7m X 3.5m.35kts.

No Name C/Sign Year Kts Kts Base/Comments
S18     2015   35  
S19     2015   35  
S20     2015   35  
S21     2015   35 Algeciras
S22     2015   35 Algeciras.
S23     2015   35 Malaga
S24     2015   35 Motril
S25     2015   35  
      2015   35 Huelva
S26           Huelva
S27           Ceuta
S29           (Cabin) Barcelona
S30           (Cabin)
S31           (Cabin) Alicante
S32           (Cabin) Valencia
S33           (Cabin)
S34           (Cabin) Santa Cruz de Tenerife
S-35           (Cabin) Las Palmas
s-36           Cabin. Las Palmas
          35 )

Built by Astilleros Armon at Gijon.

The S-21 seen off Europa Point, Gibraltar on 01/07/15 (Photo D. Ferro)

S-22 passes by Europa Point Gibraltar on 02/11/17 )Photo D. Ferro)

S-34 seen at Tenerife North on 28/10/17 (Photo by Lucas)


DuarryMegatech  12-Class. 8.5m x 3.25m.

No Name C/Sign Year Kts   Base/Comments
S11   2009   45   Barcelona.
S12   2009   45    
S13   2009   45    
S14   2010   45   Ceuta
S15   2010   45    
S16   2010   45   Ibiza

Built by Duarry    at vigo. Powered by twin engines

The S-11 seen at Barcelona on 12/05/14 (Photo by Moolen)

The sixth of the  Duarry Megatecs at Ibiza on 16/07/10 (Photo by Penualas)



Nearly all Duarry-built.

Pictured at Benalmadena on 08/03/07 is this SMGC RIB (Photo N. Rush)

Seen rounding Europa Point,  Gibraltar is this SMGC RIB on 17/07/18 (Photo D. Ferro)


SMGC Jetski (Photo by Jordi)



In mid-2007 a rescue was carried out of the North of Lanzarote involving the Guardia Civil Patrol boat "Alcazar XVI" has anyone got information or photographs of this vessel?


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