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Seguridad Martima

Aircraft/Helicopters - Tugs/Salvage Ships

 Guardamar - Alusafe 2000 - Alusafe 1500

Numbering System and Bases

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Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima was created on 24/11/92 by the Laws of the Ports of the State and the Merchant Marine - SASEMAR commenced operations in March 1993 taking over from the then regionally controlled Salvamento Maritima operations to provide a centrally run service.


The Servicios Centrales and the Centro Nacional de Coordinacion de Salvamento are based in Madrid and have 21 Centro de Coordinacion de Salvamento (CCS) stations based along Spains 8,000 km coastline. In the north these are situated at Vigo, Finisterre Porto do Son), A Coruńa, Gijn, Santander and Bilbao. In the south the centres range from Huelva in the southeast to Cdiz, Tarfa, Algeciras and Almera before moving up the eastern coast from Cartagena to Valencia, Castelln, Tarragona, Barcelona, Palams and Palma, and Las Palmas and Tenerife in the Canaries. The additional bases around the coast report directly to their appropriate centre. There are also six "Bases Estrategicas" spread throughout Spain for holding the equipment, provisions and materials for all the boats, these are situated at: A Coruňa, Madrid, Castelln, Tenerife, Santander, Seville and Madrid with an additional one to be opened at Cartagena (replacing Madrid). In addition to the listing below the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) rescue launches, of which around 327 are in use operating from 51 First Aid Posts for Sea-Rescue along the coastline, also some times wear the SM badge.


In March 2006 an announcement was made regarding the 1.022m SASEMAR plans for the period 2006-2009: these included the opening of 10 new bases and the acquisition of a further 16 of the Alusafe 200/20m class (10 for the new bases and 6 to replace some of the older vessels). A total of 10 new tugs would be constructed, owned and operated during the period comprising the second of the SASEMAR 1-class, the two SASEMAR 2-class and the seven SASEMAR 3-class. It was also released that a new class of 10 launches. later reduced to 4, of 25/30m would be purchased while the Helimer service would receive a total of 10 new rescue helicopters (Augusta-WHL US-139s). A total of 4 CASA/EADS CN-235-300 Persuaders would be purchased/leased (3 in operation and 1 in reserve) and in the interim period 3 Beechcraft Baron B55s would be used until the new aircraft are available. In September 2007 it was revealed that the four new SASEMAR 3-class tugs, each of 900-tons, that were under construction in Union Naval in Valencia would replace some of the older chartered ships, the first of which, Maria De Maeztu, was delivered in early 2008 to Bilbao while the Maria Zambrano (BS-22) followed in May 2008 to Cdiz. It was announced in late 2008 that the plans covering the 2010-2016 were to be introduced with an increased budget of 1,695 Euro's. in December 2015 another 2 Alusafe 2100s were ordered to supplement/replace earlier vessels.

New Bases:

The first two of the new bases to be opened under the 2006-2009 planning were in the Canary Islands one at La Restinga on the island of Hierro when the Salvamar Alphecca moved across from Tenerife and the other on San Sebastian de la Gomero in mid 2006. This was followed by a third on the south coast at Barbate between Tarfa and Cdiz in November 2006. The basing process was developed around the requirement to have a rescue launch on station anywhere on the Spanish coastline 15-miles out to sea in 75-minutes of an alert. Later that year a station was stood up at Porto Colom on the eastern coast of Mallorca and in about May 2007 the Salvamar Aldebaran moved from Burriana/Castelln to the new base at Ciudadela on the west coast of Menorca when the new Salvamar Sabik arrived. In June 2007 the Salvamar Castor moved to the newly established Rosas base and the next month Salvamar Vega moved from Mlaga, having been replaced by one of the new launches, to the newly established station at Estepona. In November 2007 the Salvamar Sargadelos made the journey from Burela (Lugo) in the north of Spain to Ribeira in southern Galicia, again having been replaced by a new vessel. The ninth of the new bases was established at Bilbao in June 2008 with the arrival of the 2008-built Salvamar Alcyone. In the 2010-16 plans new bases were set up San Juan in Tenerife and another very near Malaga  El Puerto de La Caleta de a de Vlez.In mid-2011 a new base was established at El Ferrol.


On 06/05/05 it was revealed that the Spanish Government had placed an 82.4m-euro order for three CN235-300s for operation by SASEMAR on SAR and anti-pollution duties. By mid-late 2006 there were leased three Beech Baron 55s (EC-COF, COG and COH) in service later being joined by a fourth example (EC-CDF) by 2007: Serviola Uno based at Gando AFB on Gran Canaria, Serviola Dos based at Almera on the South Coast and Serviola Tres at Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain (by 2008 only the Almera based aircraft remained). In mid-late 2007 it was announced that the "Serviola Dos" which covers the South-Eastern area was the first to be replaced/augmented by the first CN-235 EC-KEK/101 "Isabel de Villena". The Santiago de Compostela based CN-235 EC-KEL/102 is named "Rosalia de Castro" while the Canaries based example EC-KEM/103 is named after the local writer "Josefina de la Torre

Unit Base Type
Sasemar 101 Valencia CN-235 EC-KEK
Sasemar 102 Santiago CN-235 EC-KEL
Sasemar 103 Las Palmas CN-235 EC-KEM


One of SASEMAR's new CASA-235's "101" still carrying it's Test Registration EC-235. (Photo Sasemar/EADS)

The second aircraft of the order "102" carrying its test registration EC-027 (Photo by Oses Angel)

Seen at Las Palmas, EC-KEM "103", on 08/06/07 a day after it entered service (Photo by Tomas)

Another view of EC-KEM at Melilla (Photo Bruno Cleries)

Beech 55 Baron operated by Senasa on behalf of SASEMAR (Author, Location and Date unknown, let me know someone!)


Helicopters currently on strength comprising three Sikorsky S-61Ns, EC-FZJ/208? (c/n 61-758), EC-FTB/209 (61-741) and EC-FVO/210? (61-756), two SA-365-N2 Dauphins, EC-HIM (c/n 6478) and EC-HCL (c/n 6416) plus AW-139's, EC-KLM/201 (c/n 31???), EC-KLN/202 (c/n 31202), EC-KLV/203 (c/n 31205) and EC-KJT/20? (c/n 31104) which are allocated as follows:

Unit Base Type
Helimer 201 Palma de Mallorca AW-139
Helimer 202 Tenerife South AW-139
Helimer 203 Valencia AW-139
Helimer 204 Almeria AW-139
Helimer 205   AW-139
Helimer 206 Gijon AW-139
Helimer 207 Almeria AW-139
Helimer 208 Las Palmas AW-139
Helimer 209 Jerez S-61
Helimer 210    
Helimer 211 La Corruna AW-139
Helimer 212    
Helimer 213 Muse? AW-139
Helimer 401 La Corunna EC-225

Helimer Andalusia EC-FTB over Europa Point Gibraltar (Photo N. Rush)

EC-FTB pictured 14/08/07 during the rescue of the crew from the sinking "New Flame" (Photo by D. Ferro)

EC-FMZ S-61N (Photo by Pacodime)

Helimer Alboran Bell-212 EC-GXA at Almeria, now sold (Photo by Pacodime)

The Salvamento Maritima SA365-N2 Dauphin EC-HIM (c/n 6478) (Location unknown, "In the Air", Photo via D. Ferro)

On 8th February 2006 it was announced that Westland-Augusta had been awarded an initial contract from SASEMAR to build three US-139s especially for SAR work. An additional order for a further two AW US-139's (A total of ten helicopters are planned) was placed by SASEMAR on 09/10/07 taking orders for the twin-engined helicopter to more then 280 examples from more the 80 different commercial, Government and military customers around the world. The first two examples "Helimer 201 and 202" were handed over on 07/12/07 with the third "Helimer 203" being delivered to Galicia on 14/03/08. "Helimer  204" was delivered to Santander 18/06/08 replacing a AS-365N2 Dauphin. Under the 2006-2009 plan four more helicopter bases are to be established.

The first AW-139 for SASEMAR, EC-KLM "Helimer 201" pictured on a test flight prior to delivery (Photo Augusta-Westland).

The second AW-139, EC-KLN "Helimer 202" seen at the handover of the first two helicopters at AW's Vergiate Plant on 07/12/07, this aircraft later departed to its new base in Tenerife. (Photo Augusta-Westland).

The following photographs are credited to I cannot contact each author due to visual disability as the site will not allow me to contact them due to the sites requirement to insert a code which I cannot physically read. Sorry, if you do not wish to have your photo on this site please contact me. Many thanks.


EC-225 EC-MCR/401 seen at La Corruna on 18/08/14 (Photo Courtesy Jose  Mariamaqueaire)

In 2014 it was announced that a Eurocopter EC-225 Super Puma would be purchased to replace the Sea King, it wore the registration EC-MCR and Helimer 401. It is based at La Corruna.


This page would not have been possible without the dedication of the photographers over at who have kindly allowed me to use their pictures. Also this page should be taken as a tribute to all at SASEMAR who risk their lives on a daily basis in order to help those at risk at sea around the Spanish Coastline:

Neill Rush

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Tug/Salvage Ships

All numbers removed from 2009


SASEMAR 1 Class:

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base
BS-41 Luz de Mar ECIJ 2005 1780t Algeciras/Zona Estreccho.
BS-21 Miguel de Cervantes ECII 2006 1780t Zona Canarias

BS-12 Luz de Mar taken in Northern Spain in 2006 before moving to Tenerife (Photo by Romarin)

The Algeciras based BS-21 Miguel de Cervantes rounds Europa Point, Gibraltar in September 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

Luz de Mar was built and launched as Ecosar Boreal (ex-Armon Vigo 42) and fitted out at Vigo. Miguel de Cervantes is ex- Ecosar Austral/Armon Vigo 43 and was first noted in Algeciras 01/06. The Luz de Mar (BS-12) moved from A Coruňa to Tenerife when the new Don Inda entered service and was re-numbered BS-41.

SASEMAR 2 (Neptune) Class:

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base
BS-11 Don Inda EASF 2006 2984t ARibeira/Zona de Galicia.
BS-32 Clara Campoamor EAIK 2007 2984t Alicante/Zona del Mediterraneo.

BS-11 Don Inda pictured in A Coruna 2006 (Photo by Romarin)

The Maria Zambrano prior to being renamed Clara Campoamor (Photo Zamakona)

BS-32 Clara Campoamor, normally based in Palma, but pictured at Valencia in May 2007 (Photo by Socaire)

BS-32 Clara Campoamor pictured off Algeciras in September 2007 (Photo by Juan)

BS-32 Clara Campoamor off Europa Point, Gibraltar on a very grey choppy day 10/02/08 (Photo N. Rush)

Don Inda was launched 28/03/06 (ex-Zamakona 618) and the Clara Campoamor is ex-Maria Zambrano and Zamakona 619. In the plans for 2006-2009 it was announced that a total of ten tugs/salvage vessels would be owned and in operation by SASEMAR of which seven were to be new build ships. Four are to be based in Galicia/Cantabria, two in "Sur Estrecho", one in the Canaries and three in the Mediterranean. In early April 2007 the Carla Campoamor (BS-32) was noted on exercise off of the East side of Gibraltar with the Miguel de Cervantes, this was a confirmation that this was a renaming of the Marian Zambrano (see below).

SASEMAR 3-class (900t) - 39.7 x 12.5 x 5.80m

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base/Comments
BS-13 Maria de Maeztu EBZH 2008 900t Santander/Zona del Cantabrico.
BS-22 Maria Zambrano ECLT 2008 900t Cdiz. Zona Sur.
BS-14 Maria Pita ECMF 2008 900t Vigo/Zona Galicia
BS-33 Marta Mata ECNY 2008 900t Palma/Zona de Baleares.
BS-23 SAR Mastelero EACF 2009 900 Almeria/Zona de Andalucia-Oriental.
BS-15 ?SAR Gavia EAED 2009 900 A Corunna/Zona de Galicia
BS-34 SAR Mesana EBRD 2009 900 Cartegena/Zona de Levante.

UNV461 and UNV462 under construction at Valencia in September 2007 (Photo by Socaire)

......and four weeks later almost at launch stage (Photo by Socaire)

........UNV461 (top) and UNV462 (bottom), into the water they go!!! 26th October 2007 (Photos by Socaire)

UNV463 seen alongside in Valencia on 20/01/08 (Photo by Tino)

Maria de Maeztu (ex-UNV461) seen in Valencia during February 2008 (Photo by Socaire)

Maria Zambrano (ex-UNV462) photographed off Valencia 15/04/08 (Photo by Socaire)

Maria Pita (BS-14,ex-UNV463) in Algeciras 29/0708 on delivery to Northern Spain (Photo by Juan)

UNV464 on the slipway at Valencia 16/04/08 (Photo by Socaire)

Now named Marta Mata the ex-UNV464 is seen in Valencia 03/05/08 (Photo by Socaire)

The Marta Mata seen alongside in Valencia on 16/08/08 (Photo by Socaire)

SAR Mastillero seen en-route to Almeria in 2009 (Photo by Juan)

SAR Gavia photographed at A Corruna in 2009 (Photo by Romarin)

The Cartagena-based SAR Mesana seen at Valencia in 2011 (Photo by Tino)

Constructed at Union Naval in Valencia, Maria de Maeztu is ex-UNV461 and is IMO 9429091, Maria Zambrano is ex-UNV462 and is IMO 9429106 and was delivered via Algeciras in late May 2008. The Maria Pita is ex-UNV463 and has been allocated IMO 9429118. Marta Mata is ex-UNV464, IMO9429120 and was laid down 14/11/07. The first, Maria de Maeztu, was delivered via Algeciras 10-12/04/08, arriving in Marin 13/04/08 en-route to Bilbao becoming BS-13 by July 2008. The second, Maria Zambrano, was numbered BS-22 (SASEMAR Relief Fleet allocation) and is currently operating around Barbate on the south coast between Cadiz and Tarifa. The Maria Pita (BS-14) was delivered via Algeciras on 29/07/08 to Marin. Marta Mata was due to go to A Coruňa in late 2008 but instead was numbered BS-33 in October indicating its Mediterranean basing! Three more of the class were ordered by SASEMAR in an announcement made on 17/07/08, all to be constructed by UNV.

Other SASEMAR Vessels:

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base
BS-12 Alonso de Chaves EDWM 1987 1549t Gi(Ex BS-11) Ribadeo/Zona de la Cantabrico.
BS-31 Punta Mayor EGSP 1984 1047t Tarragona/Zona del Meditteraneo.
BS-42 Punta Salinas EABF 1982 1179t Las Palmas/Zona Canarias

Newly renumbered as BS-12 the Alonso de Chaves (Photo by Senelero)

The Punta Mayor pictured in Barcelona in 2006 (Photo by Nacho)

Seen in Tenerife in 2006 is the BS-42 Punta Salinas (Photo by Maritime)

Alonso de Chaves is owned by the Spanish Government and operated by Remolques Maritimo, Punta Mayor and Punta Salinas are owned and operated by Remolques Maritimo on behalf of SASEMAR. The Punta Mayor was replaced as BS-21 in Algeciras and was noted as BS-31 in the Bay of Gibraltar with the new number on 28/01/06. She has since left and was noted in Barcelona in 03/06. The Alonso de Chaves has now been replaced as BS-11 by the new Don Inda and has taken up the BS-12 slot vacated by Luz de Mar. The Punta Mayor (BS-31) was noted 08/06/07 off Cdiz turning north, apparently heading for Vigo but noted back in Barcelona during 08/07.

Other Chartered Vessels:

EX No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base


Britannia Uno EBWT 1973 682 ?

Britannia Uno pictured on a recent 2007 visit to Las Palmas (Photo by Eyeglass/FdB)

Owned by Naviera Aries of Sant Carles de Rapita, it is reported that this vessel is operating off the West African Coast with a small embarked unit of Guardia Civil Officers in support of anti-illegal immigrant operations. Reports also suggest that the Spanish Government are attempting to purchase this vessel outright. T

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base


Ibaizabal Uno EFDJ 1973 427t A Coruňa

Ibaizabal Uno at its base in A Coruna in 2007 (Photo by JuanMTC)

Owned and operated by Remolcadores Ibaizabal on behalf of SASEMAR. Both vessels havenow been taken off charter.

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base
- Ibaizabal Dos EGHQ 1974 427t Bilbao - replaced.
- Ibaizabal Tres EGGX 1974 427t Marn - replaced.

Ibaizabal Dos pictured at Gijon in 2007 (Photo by Serviola)

Ibaizabal Tres, believed to be at Marin in 2006 (Photo by JMBC)

Owned and operated by Ibaizabal Petronor for SASEMAR. Ibaizabal Dos was replaced at Bilbao by the new SASEMAR-3 tug, Maria Maeztu, in April 2008, reported at Marin 20/06/08 and off of the east coast of Spain in early July 2008. Ibaizabal Tres was replaced later in 2008 by the third of the new class and was noted back in the Mediterranean 0n 18/08/08.

Both vessels have now been taken off charter.


Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base
- Ria de Vigo EDID 1985 1585t Tarragona to Palma. Off charter to SASEMAR September 2008, to EMSA.
- Remolcanosa Cinco EHQU 1987 587t Mediterranean Area.

Both boats have been taken off charter,

Ria de Vigo in Ibiza in early 2007 (Photo by Esparray)

Remolcanosa Cinco in 2007, possibly at Marn (Photo by JMBC)

Remolcanosa Ochenta at Motril in 2007 (Photo by Nani)

Owned and operated by Remolcanosan Nosa on behalf of SASEMAR, the Pau de Luz is believed to have gone off Charter when the Luz de Mar entered service, and the Remolcanosa Ochento went off charter in 2008. The Ria de Vigo left Palma in September for a dry-docking in Vigo and has now gone off charter following the delivery of the new Marta Mata and commenced a new contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency.

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base


VB Antrctico EALF 1977 980t Cartagena Taken off charter.

VB Antarctico pictured at Valencia May 2007 (Photo by Socaire)

Owned and operated by the Boluda Group for SASEMAR but it is uncertain if it is still on full charter. The former Canaries based Boluda Mistral, last reported as Las Palmas based in 12/05, has gone off charter, and the Golfo de Rosas (ex-Las Palmas) was sold in Mexico in 2003/4.

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Grt Base


Punta Tarfa EAEM 1982 291t Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Taken off charter.

The Punta Tarifa off of the Canary Islands (Photo by Maritime)

Chartered in 2006 and based in the Canary Islands to help in the attempt to stem the tide of illegal immigrants from the African Coast. Owned and operated by CIRESA in support of SASEMAR operations. Not current in 2008.

Along the northern coastline of Spain the tugs are assigned to the areas "Noroeste and Cantbrico" while Cdiz is classed as "Mediterrneo Suboccidental". Algeciras and Cartagena come under "Mediterrneo Sur", Malaga "Mediterrneo Suroriental", Palma is referred to as "Mediterrneo Central", Tarragona as "Mediterrneo Norte" and the Canaries simply as "Canaries".

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(Built by Astilleros Armon/Auxiliar Naval)

31.90 x 7.50 x 2.00m

All numbers removed from 2009

Based on the French SNS design and built at Armon SA, Auxiliary Navale.

Ex No. Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
G-40 Guardamar Caliope. ECOM 2008 Almeria/Zona de Alboran.
G10- Guardamar Concepcion Arenal. ECON 2009 La CoruňaZona de Galicia.
G-30 Guardamar 0Polimnia ECOP 2009 ValenTarragona/Zona Mediterraneao.
G-20 Guardamar Talia   2009 Las Palmas/Zona Canarias.

Guardamar Caliope (IMO 9541643) was first noted at Burela in late 2008, she was reported to have been delivered on 06/10/08 and sent to Tenerife on 05/11/08. Guardamar Concepcion Arenal (IMO 9541655), ex-Gardamar Terpsicore, was handed over and noted at A Coruňa on 18/02/09.

Guardamar Caliope (G-40) - Photo courtesy of SASEMAR

Guardamar Conception Arenal pictured aAt Ferrol in March 2009 (Photo by Romarin)

Gardamar Polimnia seen in Malaga in Feb 2007 (Photo Salvador de la Rubia)

Guadamar Talia  seen in La Palma in June 2017 (Author unknown)

Alusafe 2000 class

(Built by Auxiliar Naval del Principado)

20.20 x 5.60 x 1.03m

All numbers removed from 2009

Batch 1 (39.70grt)

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
ES-32 Salvamar Acrux EA6437 2003 Puerto Portals (Mallorca). Ex-Salvamar Regulus.
ES-23 Salvamar Alboran EA2745 1996 Mazagn (Huelva). Ex-Salvamar Mediterrneo.  To Las Palmas by.  Playa San Juan 2016.
ES-30.4 Salvamar Algenib EA4050 2002 Garrucha (Almera).
ES-27 Salvamar Alkaid EA7028 2004 Tarfa (c/n AN 70). To Huelva.
ES-47 Salvamar Alphard EA7326 2005 Los Cristianos/Tenerife South (ex ES-29), assigned to SASEMAR Relief Fleet. Yard No. AN 78. To La Palma.
ES-10 Salvamar Altair EA5025 2000 Camariňas.
ES-30 Salvamar Antares EA4098 1999 The Arsenal, Mao harbour, Mahn.
ES-41 Salvama Atlntico** EA3542 1992 Arrecife/Lanzarote (ES-11/Porto do Son until 2003/4). Imported in 1992, reported Gran Tarajal 08/03-06/04!
ES-10.1 Salvamar Capella EA4989 2001 Luarca.
ES-12 Salvamar Deneb EA2433 2001 Santander.
ES-29 Salvamar Denebola EA6592 2005 Almera (ex ES-11) - Yard No. AN 79.
ES-30.3 Salvamar Diphda EA3554 2001 Tarragona.
ES-103 Salvamar Gadir EA2881 1996 SASEMAR Relief Fleet 2008. Ex ES-24 at Cdiz. (Ex-Salvamar Tartessos/Yard No. Auxnav 19). To Barbate 12/08/14.    
ES-30.6 Salvamar Markab EA5930 2002 Ibiza (ex-Arguineguin, Gran Canaria in 2006, ex ES-44).
ES-10.2 Salvamar Mirach EA6020 2002 Cangas, Pontevedra (ex ES-12? To Cangas 2017.)
ES-16 Salvamar Mirfak EA5154 2000 A Coruňa from 2006 (ex ES-28 at Motril, Granada). to Alicante 2017.
ES-42 Salvamar Mizar EA4444 2004 Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura) from June 2004 - Yard No. Auxnav 71
ES-40 Salvamar Nunki EA3364 2002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
ES-18 Salvamar Orion EA4401 1999 Pasajes, Guipuzcoa.
ES-30.5 Salvamar Pollux EA5175 2000 Valencia (Ex ES-27/Tarfa, moved 2004).
ES-11 Salvamar Regulus EA5245 2003 Porto do Sn (A Coruňa), ex-Salvamar Procyon/Arcturus.
ES-19 Salvamar Rigel EA4400 2000 Gijn.
ES-15 Salvamar Shaula EA5173 2001 Cariňo, A Coruňa.
ES-39 Salvamar Sirius EA4391 2003 Palams/Girona.
ES-43 Salvamar Tenerife EA9542 1995 Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2006, ex-Los Cristianos, Tenerife South (ex-Salvamar Tanit).

Salvamar Acrux (ES-32) photographed in Ibiza during July 2007 (Photo Esparray)

Salvamar Alboran (ES-23) pictured being put back in the water at Cdiz after maintenance in 2005 (Photo by Orca)

ES-30.4 Salvamar Algenib at Garrucha in August 2007(Photo by Paco)

ES-27 Salvamar Alkaid in Tarfa in 2006 (photo N. Rush)

Salvamar Alphard (ES-47) still marked ES-29 at Los Cristianos, Tenerife in 2006 (Photo by Maritime)

Salvamar Altair (ES-10) at Camariňas in 2006 (Photo by Juan MTC)

Salvamar Antares pictured in Mahon (Author and date unknown)

Seen at Cadiz the Salvamar Atlntico is on delivery from Porto do Son to the Canary Islands (Photo D. Ferro)

Salvamar Capella (ES-10.1) seen 13/04/05 (Photo by Pantoke)

Salvamar Deneb (ES-12) seen at Santander 18/02/06 (Photo by Romarin)

At Almera is the Salvamar Denebola (ES-29) 16/07/06 (Photo by Juan)

Pictured leaving Almeria is the Salvamar Denebola (ES-29) in 2008 (Photo by Berta)

Salvamar Diphda (ES-30.3) at Tarragona in 2006 (Photo by Nacho)

ES-24 Salvamar Gadir alongside in Cdiz in 2006, it was replaced by the Salvamar Suhail in 2008 (Photo N. Rush)

Salvamar Markab (ES-44) seen in Las Palmas during June 2006 (Photo by Maritime)

... and Salvamar Markab (ES-30.6) in Ibiza in July 2008 (Photo by Esparray)

The Salvamar Mirach (ES-10.2) seen at Marn (Photo by JMBC)

Taken on 11/02/06 is the Un-numbered Salvamar Mirfak (ex-ES-28) at A Coruňa (Photo by Romarin)

Pictured in late 2007 is the Salvamar Mirfak showing its ES-16 markings (Photo by Romarin)

The Salvamar Mizar seen leaving Fuerteventura in 2006 (Photo by Maritime)

Seen at Las Palmas is the Salvamar Nunki (ES-40) in 2006 (Photo by Eyeglass)

Salvamar Orion at her home of Pasajes in April 2008 (Photo by Tambucho)

Salvamar Pollux (ES-30.5) in Valencia in 2006 (Photo by Socaire)

The Salvamar Regulus (ES-11) alongside at her homeport (Photo by M@go)

Pictured off Riveira (Galicia) on 17/08/07 is the (ES-11) Salvamar Regulus (Photo by Juan B)

Salvamar Rigel (ES-19) at Gijon 31/08/04 (Photo by Maritime)

Seen at Cariňo is the Salvamar Shaula (ES-15) in 2006 (Photo by Romarin)

The Salvamar Sirius (ES-39) seen at her Palams base on 16/07/04 (Photo Joan Camara Vila)

Seem in Tenerife is the Salvamar Tenerife (ES-43) during July 2006 (Photo by Maritime)

Algeciras HQ! (Photo by N. Rush)

ES-27 Tarfa HQ! (Photo N. Rush)

All numbers removed from 2009


Batch 2 (39.70grt) Sixteen new examples ordered in 2006.

Ex No. Name. C/Sign Year Base/Comments
ES-?? Salvamar Achernar EC???EA3679?E 2009 ?(A-106) San Carlos
ES-49 Salvamar Adhara. EA9118 2006 La Restinga/El Hierro (ANA83).
ES-10.4 Salvamar Alcyone. EC2475 2008 (A-099) Bilbao
ES-10.3 Salvamar Alioth. EA9762 2007 Burela, Lugo.
---- Salvamar Al Nair EA8267 2010 A(A-105). Lanzarote
ES-3?.? Salvamam Alnilam. EA9745 2007 Port de Selva, Girona.
ES.20.2 Salvamar Alnitak EA9763 2007 (A-089) Malaga/Benalmedena.
ES-48 Salvamar Alpheratz. EA9121 2006 Los Cristianos/Tenerife South (. (A_082)
---- Salvamar Atria EA8439 2009 (A-108). Barbate. To Ceuta   circa 09/2014.
ES-28 Salvamar Hamal. EA9120 2006 Motril, Granada (ex ES-16) - (AN 84).
ES-44 Salvamar Menkalinan. EA9119 2006 Arguineguin/Gran Canaria de Las Palmas  (AN 85).

Salvamar Mintaka

EC2877   (A-107) Barcelona
ES-38? Salvamar Mimosa. EC2473 2008 Cartagena. (A098)
ES.30.7 Salvamar Sabik EA8039 2007 Burriana/Castellon.
  Salvamar Saiph EC2878 20099 (A-107_ Alcudia.
E---- Salvamar Suhail. EC2476 2008 (A-100) Cadiz.

Salvamar Adhara (ES-49) seen in Northern Spain prior to delivery (Photo by Pantoke)

Salvamar Alcyone (ES-10.4) at Auxiliar Naval prior to delivery in June 2008 to the new base at Bilbao (Photo by Patsonet)

The new Salvamar Alioth (ES-10.3?) seen prior to delivery in November 2007 (Photo by Pantoke)

Salvamar Alnilam (ES-38) at its Port de Selva base 09/06/07 (Photo by Jordi Jr)

Salvamar Alnitak (ES-20.2) at her new base in Mlaga during September 2007 (Photo via D. Ferro)

Salvamar Alpheratz (ES-48), now based at Los Cristianos, Tenerife, taken in 2006 (Photo by Pantoke)

Taken on 27/10/06 the Salvamar Hamal (ES-16) just before delivery (Photo by Pantoke)

Four days later the Salvamar Hamal was re-numbered (ES-28) and sent to Motril (Photo by Pantoke)

The Salvamar Menkalinan (ES-44) pictured before delivery to Arguineguin (Photo by Pantoke)

Salvamar Mimosa (ES-38?) alongside in Cartagena on 06/10/08 (Photo Jordi Jr)

ES-30.7 Salvamar Sabik (ES-30.7) at Valencia on 19/04/07 during the Americas Cup (Photo by Socaire)

Another shot of Salvamar Sabik before delivery to Valencia (Photo by Pantoke)

Salvamar Suhail at Cadiz (Photo by Patsonet)

Salvamar Suhail (Nil) seen at Cadiz on 14/09/08 (Photo D. Ferro)


Batch 3 (39.70grt)

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
  Salvamar Arturus EA3122 2016 Tarifa.
  Salvamar Betelgeuse EA3470 2017 A Corruna
  Salvamar Enif EA6351 2019 Barbate


Salvamar Fomelhaut
EA3929 2017 Tarragona.

2 craft ordered 15/12/15. For deelivery 2016.

Salvamar Arturus seen at Tarifa on 09/07/17 (Photo Salvador De La Rubia)


Salvamar Alusafe 2300


Ex No Name C/Sign Year Base/CommentsSa

Salvamar Gienah

EA6326 2019 Motril



Salvamar Suhail pictured on 02/08/08 before delivery to Cdiz where it arrived 11/08/08 on delivery. If the "normal" numbering sequence is followed then she should become ES-24, replacing the Salvamar Gadir at the southern base. The latter should then become ES-22 as it replaces the Relief Fleets Alonso Sanchez. The Salvamar Alonso Sanchez was noted in Ibiza (still ES-22) in August 2008 on its way to Cartagena where it replaces the Salvamar Alcor that was redeployed in May 2008 to Melilla. But we are sure to be proved wrong!!! (Photo by Patsonet)

The Salvamar Sabik (ES-30.7) was delivered to Valencia on 10th April 2008 in time to participate in duties for the Americas Cup before moving on to Burriana, the Salvamar Alnilam (ES-38) was delivered to Port de Selva in 06/06/07 and replaced the older Salvamar Castor which then moved to the new base at Rosas, although ES-38 was carried by Salvamar Alcor at Cartagena. Salvamar Alnitak was noted leaving Cadiz 28/07/07 at 10.00hrs and continued through the Straits of Gibraltar heading into the Mediterranean to Mlaga (replacing Salvamar Vega which in turn moved to Estepona). The Salvamar Alioth had replaced the Salvamar Sargadelos at Burela on 31st October 2007 with the latter moving to a new base at Ribeira while the Salvamar Mimosa was delivered to Cartagena (via Almeria) on 19/05/08 replacing the Salvamar Alcor which in turn moved to Melilla augment the Salvamar Spica. The tenth of the new launches, Salvamar Alcyone (ES-10.4) was noted at Auxiliar Naval's works in June 2008 and was delivered on 25/06/08 to the completely new base at Bilbao in the Basque country. The Salvamar Suhail replaced the Salvamar Gadir (ES-24) at Cadiz by 11th August 2008 with the latter moving to the SASEMAR Relief Fleet replacing the Salvamar Alonso Sanchez. Salvamar Gadir was noted in Ibiza on 16/08/08 and Valencia two months later still marked ES-24. Salvamar Achernar (un-numbered) was noted on a lorry at Armon's on 10th march 2009 and was put in to the water the following day.


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Alusafe 1500 class

(Built Auxiliar Naval del Principado 17.70t)

14.60 x 3.80 x .80m

All numbers removed from 2009


(* indicates built by Alusafe in Norway - 19.87grt)

The contract for licence production was signed by Auxiliar Naval in mid-February 1992, the first five were produced in Norway by Alusafe* with the remainder being completed in Spain by Armon SA.

Ex No Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
ES-38 Salvamar Alcor EB4066 1998 Melilla (Noted without numbers 22/11/07 at Cartagena, ES-38 having been taken by Salvamar Alnilam in 2008, to Melilla in May 2008.
ES-31 Salvamar Aldebaran EB3809 1998 Cuidade la Menorca,  (ex-Burriana).
ES-21 Salvamar Algeciras EB7285 1992 Algeciras (C/n AN 3?). At Aviles in 06/2011. To El Ferrol by 06/06/11.
ES-13 Salvamar Algol* EB2252 1991 Llanes (ex-Salvamar Touriňan/ at Carińo) Renamed in 2002/03. To Rostock in 09/2010.
ES-22 Salvamar Alonso Sanchez EB7268 1992 SASEMAR Relief Fleet (see below, (AuxNa 3). Replaced in 2008 by Salvamar Gadir and departed to Cartagena To.  Villanova.
ES-46 Salvamar Alphecca* EB2256 1991 San Sebastian de la Gomera (ex-Salvamar Castillo de Bellver, renamed 2002 and also ex-Santa Cruz de Tenerife based)
ES-34 Salvamar Bellatrix EB7328 1992 Barcelona left Gran Tarajal 26/08/03 arriving Barcelona 06/09/03.  (Ex-Salvamar Bentayga) To Aviles 06/2011. Sold as Port Tender in Almeiria as AL Bellatrix in 2013.
ES-45 Salvamar Canopus EB7343 1993 Santa Cruz de le Palma (ex-Salvamar Lanzarote at Arrecife, renamed in 2004). To San Juan by 2011.
ES-30.2 Salvamar Castor EB5011 2000 Rosas (ex-Salvamar Castro and Dieciseis), ex-Port de Selva.
ES-35 Salvamar Cavall Bernat EB7344 1993 Alcudia, Mallorca, (C/n AN 8).
ES-20.1 Salvamar Dubhe EB7333 1993 Barbate (ex ES-16, A Coruňa and Salvamar Torre de Hercules, C/n AN 6). To Algeciras 2011.
ES-26 Salvamar El Puntal EB7336 1993 Ceuta (C/n AN 7). To El Puerto de la Caleta Velaz. 2011.
ES-37 Salvamar Illes Pitiuses EB7595 1995 Porto Colon/Mallorca (ex-Ibiza).
ES-34 Salvamar L'Emporda* EB2254 1991 At Porto do Son 20/05/91, to Palams 16/08/92, to Barcelona 26/05/00 and struck off charge 06/09/03 when the Salvamar Bentayga arrived. Fate unknown!
ES-36 Salvamar Levante EB5624 1995 Jvea nr Valencia, (Ex Salvamar Tenerife/Salvamar Illes Pitiuses). To Denia by 2011.
ES-14 Salvamar Monte Gorbea* EB2279 1992 Berneo/Vizcaya.
ES-30.1 Salvamar Polaris EB5012 2000 Alicante.
ES-33 Salvamar Sant Carles EB7256 1992 Sant Carles de Rapita near Tarragona.
ES-17 Salvamar Sargadelos EB5525 1995 Riveira (ex-Burela/Lugo)
ES-20 Salvamar Spica* EB2668 1992 Melilla (Ex-Salvamar El Sueve at Gijn), joined by Salvamar Alcor in May 2008. At Aviles 06/2011 At Almeiria in 2020..
ES-25 Salvamar Vega EB5010 2000 Estepona (ex-Mlaga and Salvamar Diez).

C/n = Construction (Build) Number - AN = Auxiliar Naval = Individual number.

Salvamar Alcor (ES-38) taken at Cartagena 26/09/03 (Photo Jordi Jr)

Salvamar Alcor (minus her numbers) taken at Cartagena on 22/11/07 (Photo by Jordi Jr)

Pictured at Ciudadela on the west coast of Menorca 20/07/07 is the Salvamar Aldebaran (Photo C. Moreno)

ES-21 Salvamar Algeciras departs from Isla Verde (Algeciras) in 2006 (Photo N. Rush)

ES-13 Salvamar Algol at Llanes in 2006 (Photo by Pantoke)

The relief launch Salvamar Alonso Sanchez (ES-22) in Ibiza in July 2007 (Photo by Krank)

Salvamar Alphecca (ES-46) now based on the Island of Gomera in the Canaries (Photo by Maritime)

The Barcelona based Salvamar Bellatrix (ES-34) 11/11/06 (Photo by Romarin)

Salvamar Canopus (ES-45) at speed in 2006, location unknown (Photo by Focamonje)

Salvamar Castor (ES-30.2) before it moved from Port de Selva (Date, Place and Author unknown)

Salvamar Cavall Bernatt (ES-35) at its base in Alcudia, Palma in 2006 (Photo by Siroc)

Photographed at its new base at Barbate is the Salvamar Dubhe (ES-20.1?) 20/08/07 (Photo by Juan)

The Ceuta based ES-26 Salvamar El Puntal alongside in Isla Verde (Algeciras) in 2005 (Photo N. Rush)

The Salvamar El Puntal (ES-26) rounds Europa Point Gibraltar in August 2007 (Photo D. Ferro)

Salvamar El Puntal (ES-26) off La Linea 05/10/07 (Photo N. Rush)

Salvamar Illes Pitiuses (ES-37) at her base in Ibiza in 2006 (Photo by Esparray)

Salvamar L'Emporda (ES-34) at Barcelona on 11/10/01(Author Unknown!)

The Salvamar Levante (ES- 36) photographed at Javea in June 2008 (Photo by Socaire)

Salvamar Monte Gorbea (ES-14) at its Berneo base in 2008 (Photo by Iban Barandika Ugartetxe)

Salvamar Polaris (ES-30.1) showing the original position of the "ES" numbers (Photo by Orja)

Salvamar Sant Carles (ES-33) at its home port of Sant Carles de Rapita in 2004 (Photo Joan Camara Vila)

Salvamar Sargadelos (ES-17) seen at Riveira, Galicia 21/03/08 (Photo Juan B)

Bases in the Spanish Enclave of Melilla, the Salvamar Spica (ES-20), is pictured in 2005 (Photo Alhucemas)

ES-25 Salvamar Vega at its base in Malaga during 2005 before moving along the coast to Estepona (Photo N. Rush)

The Estepona based Salvamar Vega, still wearing its ES-25 number passes Europa Point Gibraltar in March 2008 on its way back to its base (Photo D. Ferro)



The Alonso Sanchez is officially the Alusafe 1500 "Covering Launch (Coberture de Varadas y Refuerzos") she was in Tarifa as temporary replacement in early 2006, then in A Coruňa in mid-April 2006 and then in Barcelona in late 2006. The Salvamar Alphard and Adhara, both Alusafe 2000's, are also assigned to the SASEMAR Relief Fleet. Salvamar Dubhe move to the new base at Barbate in late 2006 and was still coded ES-16 in 12/06, Salvamar Alphecca moved to the Island of Gomera in the Canaries in late 2006 while the Salvamar Illes Pitiuses went from Ibiza to the new base at Porto Colom on the east coast of Mallorca in December 2006. Salvamar Aldebaran (ES-31) moved to Ciudadela on the west coast of Menorca (ex-Burriana) in about May 2007 when it was replaced by one of the new boats. The Salvamar Vega moved to Estepona in mid 2007 when the base opened and was noted still as ES-25 in 05/08. Salvamar Castor (ES-30.2) went to the newly opened base at Rosas in about June 2007 and Salvamar Sargadelos (ES-17) was replaced at Burela by the new Salvamar Alioth by November 2007 and moved to the new base at Riveira. Salvamar Alcor had lost its ES-38 numbers by late 2007 and was replaced at Cartagena by the new Salvamar Mimosa by May 2008 and promptly was transferred to Melilla to replace the Salvamar Spica in late May 2008, Spica was meant to stay on for two weeks for familiarisation trials before departing but was still present in late July. It can be noticed from the above pictures that Salvamar Alcor (1998), Aldebaran (1998), Castor (2000), Illes des Pitiuses (1995), Levante (1995), Polaris (2000), Sargadelos (1995) and Vega (2000), all built from 1995 onwards, differ from their predecessors by having a flat cabin roof and smaller upper windows!! The Salvamar Alonso Sanchez (ES-22) was replaced in May 2008 as the SASEMAR Relief Fleet boat by the Salvamar Gadir (ex-Cadiz) it was noted in August at Ibiza (still ES-22) en route to Cartagena where it will supplement the newly delivered Salvamar Mimosa.

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In addition to the above listed launches SASEMAR operate;

Salvamar Cuarto (EB6642): Built by Rodman in 1990 (10.4t).

Salvamar El Hierro (EB6438): 1989 French built, ex- Salvamar Dos, (16.2t)

Salvamar La Palma (EB 6639): Built by Rodman in 1990, ex-Salvamar Tercero (10.4t).

Auxiliary V-042 (Yard No. A-074): 9-metre launch built by Grupo Armon in 2005.

Auxiliary V-043 (Yard No. A-075): 9-metre launch built by Grupo Armon in 2005.

The two auxiliary launches V-042 and 043 that are carried by the ECOSAR-class vessels (Photo Pantoke)

Auxiliary V-042 at the Auxiliar Naval de Principado yard prior to delivery (Photo by Pantoke)



Salvamar Uno: 1.00t - Built 1983 by Zodiac Espana.

Salvamar Dos: 1.00t - Built 1982 by Zodiac Espana.

Salvamar Tres: 1.50t - Built 1983 by Zodiac Espana.

Salvamar Cuatro: 1.16t - 1991 built by Dayfer SL.

Salvamar Primero: 1.32t - 2000 built by Valiant.

Plus others.



 In addition all information regarding ongoing individual numbering and  basing etc will be most welcome as will any photographs of the boats construction plates!


Bases and Numbering System

The numbering system of the SASEMAR craft, although seemingly haphazard, was actually based around the four Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC): MRCC Atlntico, MRCC Estrecho, MRCC Mediterrneo and MRCC Canarias. . The first digit indicated the region (see below) while the next was the individual base number in order of the date the base was established (mostly!!). It then appears that the numbers 10.1, 20.1, 30.1 etc were used when the number of bases in the individual area exceeded the number of allocations within the sequence. In 2009 it was decided to abandon the numbering of all SASEMAR craft and keep boats allocated to individual bases.

BS = Buque de Salvamento (Salvamento Boat).

EX- BS-11 to 14: Northern Area (MRCC Atlntico).

EX_ BS-21 to 22: South Western Area (MRCC Estrecho).

EX_ BS-31 to 32: East/South Eastern Area (MRCC Mediterrneo).

 EX_ BS-41 to 42: Canaries Area (MRCC Canarias).

Ex No. Ship. Area.
11 Don Inda. Noroeste.
12 Alonso de Chaves. Cantbrico-Occidental.
13 Maria de Maeztu. Cantbrico-Occidental.
14 Maria Pita. Galicia-Sur.
21 Miguel de Cervantes. Estrecho.
22 Maria Zambrano. Golfo de Cadiz/Huelva.
31 Punta Mayor. Mediterrneo-Norte
32 Clara Campoamor. Mediterrneo-Central.
33 Marta Mata. Mediterrneo-Central.
41 Luz de Mar Canarias
42 Punta Salinas. Canarias.
- VB Antrtico. Mediterrneo-Sur.
- Remolcanosa Cinco. Mediterrneo-Suroriental.
- Ibaizabal Uno. Galicia-Norte

ES= Embarcaciones de Salvamento

(Salvamento Launch).


Northern Area (MRCC Atlntico): ES-10+

All numbers removed from 2009




Luarca (Asturias).


Cangas (Pontevedra).


Burela (Lugo).

10.4 Bilbao.


Porto do Sn (A Coruňa).




Llanes (Asturias).


Berneo (Vizcaya).


Cariňo (A Coruňa).


A Coruňa.




Pasajes (Guipuzcoa).


Gijn (Asturias).

Guardamar Northern Area


Galicia Area

South-Western Area (MRCC Mediterrneo) ES-20+

All numbers removed from 2009










SASEMAR Relief Fleet.


Mazagn, Huelva.










Motril (Granada).

29 Almera.

Guardamar South Western Area



Eastern/South-Eastern Area (MRCC Estrecho)


All numbers removed from 2009


Mau Harbour, Mahn.








Garrucha (Almera).






Burriana (Castelln).

30.? Cartagena.




Ciudadela (Mahn).


Puerto Portals (Mallorca).


Sant Carles de Rapita (Tarragona).




Alcudia (Mallorca).


Jvea (Alicante).




Port de Selva (Girona).


Palams (Girona).

Guardamar  Eastern/South-Eastern Area.



Canaries Area (MRCC Canarias) ES-40+

All numbers removed from 2009


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Arrecife, Lanzarote.


Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Arguineguin, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Santa Cruz de La Palma.


San Sebastian de la Gomera.


Los Cristianos, Tenerife.


Los Cristianos, Tenerife.


La Restinga/El Hierro

Guardamar Canarias G-40+


Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

Relief Fleet


Various bases as required.

ES-103 noted applied roughly on Salvamar Gadir at Cdiz in January 2008 on its return from Valencia, at present no further details are available on the reason for out of sequence allocation.

In the initial stages not only could a boat change its number when it changed base but it could also change its name! SASEMAR decided to pursue the policy of naming the boats after stars and changed the names of the older boats to fit in with the new system. With the new bases being established within the framework of the 2006-2009 plan new base numbers began to be allocated. but in the instance of Malaga when Salvamar Alnitak arrived it took up ES-20.2 instead of the expected ES-25. This latter number the Salvamar Vega took with it to the newly established base at Estepona. The Salvamar Sargadelos (ES-17) moved from Burela to Ribeira and seems to have retained her number while her replacement, Salvamar Alioth, at Burela looks very much like ES-10.3, but someone didn't move their sandwich box out of the way when the picture was being taken!!!! It is possible that it is the base (i.e. the orange container) that is the key, unless a base changes its class of launch, in which case the orange container moves with the boat! But this idea was then thrown out when the Salvamar Alcor at Cartagena lost its ES-38 numbers in late 2007 (before moving to Melilla) with the Salvamar Alnilam adopting ES-38 at Port de Selva! Then in January 2008 the Relief Fleet's Salvamar Gadir appeared in Cdiz as ES-103 after returning from Valencia, reasons for this shall no doubt eventually surface!

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No. Name ign r