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Formed on 26th January 1962 and is responsible for Marine Search and Rescue, anti-Pollution, Navigation and Buoys, Ice-Breaking and Marine Communications. It operates a large number of ships and aircraft covering a vast coastline. However this page is only concerned with the Lifeboat names, types and bases.


Organization: HQ Ottawa., ON


All names prefixed CCGS=Canadian Coastguard Ship.


Bay-Class High Endurance Cutters (12 + 8)

The rights to build a new class of Lifeboat were bought by the Canadian Coast Guard in October 2012 when the Canadian Government commissioned Robert Allen Limited (RAL) to design a new lifeboat, based on the RNLI Severn-Class hull. The boatswere ordered on 10th  July 2015 and production of the 12 vessels was split between Hike Metal Products of Wheatley, Ontario and Chantier Naval Forillon of Gaspe, Quebec. The first vessel is due for delivery Autumn 2017. In April 2017 it was announced that a further 8 vessels  had been ordered.




19m x 6.3

Speed 25 kts
Displacement 44t Range 200 nm (Ish)
Construction AAluminium hull and superstructure Range 200nm
Engines 2 x 2  MTU 1600 hp Crew 4



Fleet Details

Name Year C/sign Base/Region/Comments
Baie de Plaisance 2017   (CNF) Cap Aux Mules, Isles de Magdalen. Delivered 22/11/17
Pennant Bay 2017   (H205) St. AAnthony, NFD. Delivered 12/12/07
Pachena Bay 2018   Port Hardy, BC. Launched 13/09/18. left CNF 06/10/18 to Dartmouth, then onward by shi.
McIntyre Bay 2018   (H206)  prince Rupert, BC. Delivered 20/09/18.
Conception Bay 2019   CNF Twillingate, NL.. Delivered 07/2019.
Sacred Bay 2019   (H207) Old Perilcan NL.
Cadboro Bay 2020   (CNF) BC.Delivered 04/10/20. To Sambro on Relief. To Victoria Bay 12/02/21 To Tahsis, BC 03/290221..
Florrencia Bay 2020   H208, BC Delivered 05/10/20.  To Hartley Bay BC 03/2021.
Hare Bay 2021   CNF Delivered to Dartmouth 05/2021. To Sambro, NS. 05/2021.
La Poile Bay 2021   (H-209) Louisberg, NS. Delivered 08/2021.

The first new High-Endurance Cutter under construction at CNF in early  2017 (Photo CCGS)

CCGS Baie De Plaisence seen on 24/11/17 (Photo Canadian Coast Guard)

The first of the new Bay-class built at Hike Metals seen in 2017 )Photo Hike Metal Products)

Fully painted up is the CCGS Pennant Bay seen in the Iroquois Lochs, Ontario on 04/12/17 (Photo Renee de Venny)

The 2nd Hike Metals built, CCGS McIntyre Bay seen just before delivery at the Hike Yard in 09/2018 (Photo Roger Stanton)

Pachena Bay pictured at Dartmouth 10/10/18 on her way to Port Hardy (Photo Canadian Coastguard)

CCGS Conception Bay Pictured in St. Johns' Bay on 13/08/19 (Photo CCGS)


CCGS Conception Bay, date and place uncertain (Photo Courtesy Dean Porter)

Sacred Bay seen in the Welland Canal, date unknown (Photo Courtesy Barry Anderson)

Cadboro Bay seen on trials in01/07/2020 (Photo Jaques Gratton/CNF)

fFlorencia  Bay seen at Hike Metals on  13/12/19 (Hike Metals)

Hare Bay seen on its way to Sambro, NS (Photo CNF/Jacques Gratton)


Class (High Endurance Cutter) 51 ft.

Ten boats were ordered in 1990 and were built in Canada by Industrie Raymond at Sept Iles, QC, East iles Shipyard, Georgetown, PE and Hike metals and Shipbuilding, Wheatley, ON. Built of aluminium except the Prototype Bickerton which was constructed by Halmatic at Southampton.



51' 9" x17' 0"

Speed 18 kts
Displacement 42t Range 200 nm
Construction AAluminium hull and superstructure Endurance 1 day
Engines 2 x Caterpiller  3408TA diesels 485 hp Crew 4


Fleet Details


Name Year C/sign Base/Region/Comments
Bickerton 1989 CG3011 Bickerton East, NS.
Cap Aux Mules 1996 Cg2682 (H) Cap-Aux-Mules Isles de la Madeline, .  Placed in "Cold" store at Havre Aubit by 05/2021.
Clarks Harbour 1996 CG2612 Clarks Harbour, BC.
Courtnay Bay 1994, CG2240 St. Johns, NB.
Sambro 1996 CG2613 Sambro, NS.
Spindrift 1992 CG2260 Louisbourg, NS.
Spray 1994 CG2248 Atlantic Div Spare. Dartmouth, NS.
W. G. George 1994 CG3064 Burgeeo,NF.
W. Jackman 1994 CG3068 Burin, NF. Burgeo
Westport 1997 CG2388 Westport. NS

Bickerton seen off Bickerton East  (Photo Courtesy Jarrod David)

CCGS Sambro pictured at Sambro )Photo Courtesy Nicalao Romani)

CCGS Spray seen at Bishops Landing (Photo Courtesy Sittabung)

Cape-Class-Medium Endurance Cutters-14.6m



14.6m x 4.27m

Speed 25kts
Displacement 25t Range 200nm
Construction Aluminium hulls and deck fittings Endurance ???
Engines 2 x Cat 3196 diesels 675kw Crew 4


Fleet Details

Builders: Vic=Victoria Shipyard, Mil= metalcraft marine,, Van= Vancouver Shipyard.

If anyone can help with Call-signs it will be gratefully received.

Name Year C/Sign Base/Region/Comments
Cap Breton 2004 CGYY Shippegan, NB.
2Cap D'espoir 2005 MMSI (Vic) Tadoussac,QC.
Cap De Rabast 2003 CG4714 (Vic) Havre-Saint Pierre, QC.
Cap Nord 2003 CGCN (Vic) Summerside, PEI.
Cap Perce 2005 MMSI (VAN) Kegaska, QC.
Cap Roziar02 2003 CG4715 (Vic) Riviere-Au-Renard, QC.
Cap Tourmente 2005 MMSI (Van) Qubec, QC.
Cape Ann 2004 CFG7741 Tofino, BC.
Cape Aupaluk 2011 MMSI (Vic) Vic.
Cape Calvert 1999 CfFg7255 Patricia  Bay, B. .C.  Spare.
Cape Caution 2004 CFG7744 Powell River, BC.
Cape Chaillon 2004 CG8074 (Vic) Thunder Bay, ON.
Cape Cockburn 2003 CFG7697 (Vic) French Creek, BC.
Cape Commodore 2004 CG8075 (Vic) Tobermory, ON.
Cape Dauphin 2011 CFN5478 (Vic) Prince Rupert, BC.
Cape Discovery 2004 CG8077 Goderich, ON.
Cape Dundas 2004 CG8079 (Vic) Amherstburg, ON.
Cape Edensaw 2005 CFN4210 (VIC)Sydney, NS (CCG College)
Cape Farewell 2003 CFG7698 Bella Bella, BC.
Cape Fox 2003 CK0371 (Vic) Lark Harbour, NF.
Cape Hearne 2005 CG8078 (Vic) Kingston, ON.
Cape Kupe r 2005 CFN4250 (Vic) Ganges, BC.
Cape Lambton 2001 CG8049 (Mil) Port Dover, ON.
Cape McKay 2004 CFG7703 (Vic) Bamfield, BC.
Cape Mersey 1999 CG8048 (Mil) Cobourg, ON.
Cape Mudge 2004 CFG7694 (Vic) Sandspit, BC.
Cape Nadan 2011 CFN5482 (Vic) Campbell River BC (Spare)
Cape Norman 2003 CK0372 (Vic) Port Aux Choix, NF.
Cape Palmerston 2010 CFN5493 (Vic) Campbell River, BC.
Cape Providence 2004 CG8076 (Vic) Meeford, ON.
Cape Rescue 2011 CG8082 (Vic) Spare Central and Arctic.
Cape St James 1999 CFG7633 (Mil) Patricia Bay, BC. SPARE.
Cape Storm 2002 CG8055 (Mil) Port Weller, ON.
Cape Sutil 1998 CFE9098 (Mil) Port Hardy, BC.
Cape Spry 2003 CGIX (Vic) Souris, PEI.
Thunder Cape 2000 CG8047 (Mil) Meaford, ON. Spare


Cap Nord pictured at Summerside, pEI (Author and date unknown)

Cape McKay seen at BamfieldBC 17/10/13 (Photo Dirk Sekta)

Cape Mudge pictured at Sandspit, BC on 21/08/14 (Photo Dirk Sekta)




Name Year C/Sign Base/Region/Comments




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