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RS-1 Colin Archer, built in 1893 and served until 1933. Seen Horten in 2014 (Photo nSSR)

RS-5 Liv, date and location unknown (Photo Via NSSR)

RS-10 Cristiana (Location. date and author unknown)

RS-28 Sandefjord. location and date unknown (Photo Ingar Smith)

RS-30, Risor II, built in 1914. (Photo NSSR)

RS-38 Biskop_Hvoslef_1933-1969 now in private ownership (Photo Courtesy NSSR)


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Redningsselskapet or Norsk Selskab til Skibbrudnes Redning


Founded on 9th July 1891 in OSLO. and currently operates 25 Rescue Cruisers and a further 25 Rescue Skiffs (Smaller Craft   around the Norwegian Coastline. All names are prefixed "RS" = Redningsskoy.

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The Greensaver Projectt

In September 2021 the NSSR announced that it had teamed up with The Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation to build the Worlds most eco-friendly lifeboat The vessel will make extensive use of battery power and will enter service in 2023. The new boat will be built by Hydrolift at their base in Frederikstad. It will be based on the



Dimensions 12.6 x 3.9m Speed  
Engines   Crew  


Number Name C/Sign   Base/Comments

An Artists impression of the new Greensaver )Picture NSSR)


Dimensions 16.15m x 4.70m Speed  
GRT 28.5t Endurance 24.9 kts
Construction GRP Range 300 nm
Engines 2 x mAN DieselD22848 LE + 2 x Perkins 700GM Crew 3


Fleet Details


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-105 Ruth Opsahl LHXD 1989 Bodo. Rplaced by Oscar Tybring III inlate 052019. Sold to Denmark 2021.
RS-106 Skuld LK4092 1990 Bodo to Helgoland. Tfd to ICE-SAR and based at Issafjorddur from approx 09/2019. Named Gisli Jons.

RS-105 built 1989 by West Products A/S. Rebuilt in  1995 by Baturtrusting. Refitted in 2001. RS-106 built by Batservice Industries in 1990 and refitted in by Lindstol Risor in 1995. Refitted again in 2000.

RS-105 Ruth Opsal pictured at Bodo on 29/11/11 (Photo Courtesy Ulf Kornfeld)

RS-106 Skuld seen at Glomsfjord on 09/05/12 (Photo Courtesy Sergey Dovgelachenko_)


Andre SRK fartøy-Klassen

Dimensions 8.4 x 2.7m Speed ???
GRT ??? Endurance ???
Construction Aluminium Range ???
Engines Volvo Penta D4 314 HK Crew 3/4

Built by Arronet Teknik AB. Both operate on the large inland lakes in Norway.

Fleet Details


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
rs-149 Uni Roros LF3933 2013 Femunden

RS-149 UniRøros seen Femunden on 13/06/13 (Photo Courtesy NSSR)


Built by Marine Alutech AB



Dimensions 13.85 x 4.2m Speed 37kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction GRP Sandwwich Range 200nm
Engines 2 x iveco 500 HK + 2 x waterjets

Or Volvo Penta  D6-435

Crew 3/4


Fleet Details

Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-159 Elias LF5597 2015 Moss
RS-157 Bill LF5484 2014 mandal
RS-156 Eivind Eckbo LF5478 2014 Tonsberg
RS-155 Bentd R Rasmussen LF5477 2012 Kristiansand
RS-154 Det Norske Veritas II LF5476 2014 Sunnmore
RS-153 Kystvekteren LF5405 2013 Skjeberg Sold to Sweden in Midd 2020.
RS-152 Bergesen D.Y LF5297 2012 Klaveness Marine
RS-151 Sjomann LF5270 2012 Stavanger
RS-143 Uni Kragero LF5200 2011 Kragero

Built by Swedeship  AB. rs-153 built by Marine Alutech OY

RS-159 Elias Pictured at Moss on 023/06/18 (Photo LochSchepaul)

RS-157 Bill pictured at Mandel, date unknown (Photo Henrik Mads )

RS-156 Eivind Eckbo

RS-156 Eivind Eckbo seen near Jupvik, Sweden on 14/06/16 (Photo Marshall79)

RS-155 Bendt R. Rasmussen. Date and location unknown (Photo Henrik Mads)

RS-154 Det Norsk Veritas II pictured on 05/07/15 at Alesund (Photo Andy DRC)

RS-152  Bergesen  T.y seen at Tjerne, Sweden on 22/06/17 )Photo Courtesy Marshall79)

RS-151 Sjomann pictured at Stavanger on 25/05/17 (Photo Marc Pingoud)

RS-143 Uni Kragero pictured off Risor on 02/07/17 (Photo Marc Pingoud)


Emmy Dyvi-Klassen

Dimensions 24m x 6.4m Speed 29.4 kts
GRT 64t Endurance  
Construction FRP Range 600nm
Engines 2 x MTu 2000 M7 Crew 4


Fleet Details

Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-112 Emmy Dyvi LIZY 1999 Kleppesto. Sold as Surfbuster in 06/2018. To  Malta as work boat.
RS-113 Erik Bye LITD 1997 Kristiandsund  Reported on overhaul in 2017/8. Returned to base by 07/18.
RS-114 Bergen Kreds (III) LIZR 1998 Haugesun to Malloy by 03/2021.d

Built by Batatrtrust A/S

RS-112 Emmy Divey seen at Bergen on 17/02/17 (Photo Courtesy Trygve Eriksen)

The former Emmy Divey seen as deck-cargo in Gibraltar on 17/07/18 (Photo D. Ferro)

RS-113  Erik Bye, location and date unknown (Photo NSSR)

RS-114 Bergen Kreds (III) pictured at Haugesund on on 19/08/15 (Photo Courtesy Frode Adolphsen)



Dimensions 24.7 x 6.8m Speed 25 kts
GRT 73t Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Range 600nm
Engines 2 x MTU 16V 2000 Crew 3


Fleet Details


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-150 Odin LFSI 2010 Havoysund
RS-137 Kristian Gerhard Jebsen LIHI 2006 Egersund
RS-136 Halfdan Grieg LNRS 2006 Maloy To Vardo 03/2021.
RS-132 Gjert Wilhelmsen LNAW 2005 Sorver
RS-126 Harald V LMLG 2003 Rorvik
RS-125 Det Norske Veritas LMGR 2003 Ballstad

Built by Batservice Mandel A/S

RS-150 Odin seen near Havoysund on 29/04/15 (Photo Courtesy Roar Jensen)

RS-132 Gjert Wilhelmsen pictured at Hammerfest on 23/07/18 (Photo Ulf Kornfeld)

RS-126 Harald V seen at Rorvik on 29/07/19 (Photo Erland  Karlsen)

RS-125 Det Norsk Veritas seen at Alesund on 05/03/05 (Photo Aage Schjoelberg)


Peter Henry Von Koss-Klassen

Dimensions 23 x 7m Speed 28 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Range 800nm4
Engines 2 x Scania 1000d Crew r4


Fleet Details


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-110 reidar Von Koss LHWK 1996 Batsfjord..
RS-111 Peter Henry Von Koss LHWS 1996 Egersund to Meham.

Built by Batservice A/S

RS-110 Reider Von Koss pictured on 06/10/15 (Photo Courtesy NSSR)

RS-111 Peter Henry Von Koss  06/2017 (Photo NSSR)

Petter g. Sundt-Klassen

Dimensions 17 x 4.6 Speed 36 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Range 400nm
Engines 2 x Scania 1000hp D16 + 2 x RR Waterjets Crew 3


Fleet Details


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-172 Ragnar Stoud Platou LBGE 2021 Skjerhalden.
RS-171 Iver Formo LFWY 2020 Delivered to Stavern 09/2020.
RS-163 Kristian Gerhard Jebsen II LCEM 2017 Bergen
RS-162 Klaveness Marine LEBG 2015 Oscarsborg
RS-160 Horn Rescue LCQM 2015 Skjaerhalden. Departed  23 To Haugesund.02/21.
RS-147 Inge Steensland LDLR 2010 Arendal
RS-146 Stormbull LDLN 2009 Staverne. To Hitra 09/20220.
RS-142 Horn Flyer LCLA 2009 Skjaerhalden.
RS-138 Sundt Flyer LAII 2007 Svolver

Built by Swedeship Marine AB.

RS-172 Ragnar Stoud Platou seen at her base in 2021  (Photo NSSR)

RS-171 Iver Formou seen off Stavern in August 2021 )Photo NssR)

RS-163 Kristian Gerhard Jebsen II seen near Bakarvagen (Photo Courtesy Alf Kere Aasibo)

RS-162 Klaveness Marine photographed at Oscarsberg on  02/05/17 (Photo Courtesy Marc Pingoud)

RS-160 Horn Rescue seen off Holmestrand on 233/10/19 (Photo Trygve Erikson)

RS-162 Klaveness Marine seen at Holmestrand on 15/09/17 (Photo Trygve Erikson)

RS-142 Horn Flyer pictured at Skjaerhalden on 09/06/09 )Photo Per Kasrlsson)

RS-138 Sunt Flyer seen at Henningsvaer on 30/03/19 )Photo Frode  Adolphomson)




Dimensions 12.75 x 3.48m Speed 36 kts
GRT 9.59t Endurance  
Construction   Range 165 nm
Engines 2 x Yanmar 6LY3- STP Tot  650 Kw Crew 3-4


Fleet Details

Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-145 Vekteren LF4261 2009 Alta
RS-144 Uni Helgeland LF4260 2009 Bronnoysund
RS-141 Mersk LF4193 2008 Romsdal
RS-140 Bjarne Kyrkjebo LF4119 2007 Hjellestad
RS-139 Uni Oslofjord LF4040 2006 Oslo
RS-135 Kaptein Egil J. Nygaard LF5053 2005 Horten
RS-131 Uni LF5005 2004 Trondheim.
RS-130 Utvaer LF6000 2004 Monkston
RS-129 Kjopstad/Une Amundsend 2022 LF4007 2003 Harstad/Trondheim
RS-128 Gideon LF3971 2003 Tromso
RS-127 Ryfylke LFF3933 2003 Tonsberg
RS-124 Hvaler LF3835 2002 Namsos
RS-123 Simrad Buholmne LF3762 2001 Malloy

Simrad Færder

LF3752 20011 Haarstad
RS-120 Sundt LF3679 2000 Stord

Designed by   Broderene Hukkleberg and maritime Partner  A/S

RS-145 Vekteren pictured at Aalsund on 20/05/09 )Photo Courtesy Aarge Schjoelberg)

RS-140 Bjarne Kyrkjebo pictured near her base )Photo Alf Kera Assebo)

RS-139 Uni Oslofjord pictured in Oslo on 24/05/15 (Photo John Wilson)

RS-135 Kaptein Egil. J. Nygaard Pictured at Horten on 18/04/17 (Photo Frode adolphsen)

RS-131 Uni photographed at Trondheim on 21/08/19 (Photo Erland Karlsen)

RS-130 Utvaer photographed near Monkston, date unknown (Photo Courtesy Bertil Isaksen)

RS-127 Ryfylke pictured at at Tjome on 05/07/17 (Photo Marc Pingoud)

RS-122 Simrad Færder seen under the Sotra Bridge, Bergen on 22/02/17 (Photo Alf Kare Aasebo)



Dimensions 21.0 x 5.7m Speed 24.9 kts
GRT 76t Endurance  
Construction Aluminium hull with FRP superstructure with Range 400 nm
Engines 2 x MTU  16v 2000 M70 + 2 x waterjets Crew 3


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-108 Kaptein  Skaugegen/Kaptein Buhre 2021 LEFF 1991 Ballstad
RS-107 Knut Hoem LDOT 19911 Myre
RS-104 Oscar Tybring IV LSAGK 1994 Farsund Sold to Denmark mid 2021.
RS-103 Dagfin Porst LAGC 1988 Andenes
RS-102 Askerbaering   ?1990 Stavern. Soldd?
RS-101 Nils C P Aure   ?1990 ? Sold?
RS-100 Aegir JXXV 1988 Farsund. dbr 29/09/16. Sold and subsequently rebuilt. Now privately owned.
RS-99 Skomvar III JXAT 1986 Tromso

Built by Batservice A/S )RS-107 and RS-108) Broderine A/S )RS-104) and West Products A/S RS-99).

RS-108 Kapteen Skorgen pictured on 09/07/15 at Svolver (Photo Bjorner Henningson)

RS-107 Knut Hoem Seen off Sortland on 05/05/18 Photo Courtesy Gier Vinnes) 

RS-104 Oscar Tybring IV seen at Farsund on 15/01/14 (Photo Jose Martinez Roderio)

RS-103 Dagfin Porst Seen at Andenes on 25/05/20 (Photo Frode Adolfsen)


RS-102 Askerbaering pictured at Stavern on 29/09/07 (photo Tomas Osterberg-Jacobsen)

RS-101 Nils C P  Auree seen in 2007 , location and Author unknown)

RS-101 Nils C P Aure  seen in 2007 )Location and Author unknown)

RS-100 Aegir seen  at Farsund (Date, date unknown (Photo NSSR)

RS-100 Aegir on the rocks at Lista 28/09/16 (Photo NSSR)

RS-99 Skomvar III at Tromso 17/07/17 (Courtesy (Svenja Becker)



Built by Hydrolift A/S

Dimensions 12.6 x 3.9 Speed 46 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction FRP Range  
Engines 2 x 500 HK + 2 x  RR waterjets Crew 3


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-170 Prinse sse Ragnhilt LF6482 2019 Horton
RS-167 Uni Sognesfjord LF6140 2019 Laikanger
RS-166 Horn Stayer LF5305 2018 Eskjeberg.kailen
RS-165 Askeladden LF5264 2018 Lillesand.
RS-164 Jens Bye LF5245 2017 Trondheim.
RS-161 Einar Staff SR LF6164 2016 oslo12.60 x 3.90m

RS-170 Prinsess Ragnhilt at her acceptance on 14/08/19 (Photo Courtesy NSSR(

RS-166 Horn Stayer pictured on test (Photo Courtesy Lars Mosby)

RS-165 Askilidden seen at the Jupvik Shipyaard on 25/09/18 (Photo Marshall79)

RS-164 Jens Bye, date and location unknown (Photo NSSR)

RS-161  einer Staff SR (Photographer, date and location unknown)



Dimensions 22.00 x 6.26   Speed 38 kts
GRT   Endurance 400nm
Construction Aluminium hhull and superstructure Range  
Engines 2 x MTU 1660 + 2 x RR Waterjets Crew 3


173o Name C/sign Year Base./Comments
RS-173 Erling Skjalalsson LGMI 2021 Farsund
RS-169 Oddfelow III LFJG 2019 Bodo
RS-168 Hans Herman Horn LFAM 2019 Farsund
RS-158 Eider ulstein LMOT 2015 Alesund Returned to Service 02/2020 to Fosnavag.

Built by Swedeship Marine AB

RS-169 Oddfellows III onits acceptance (Photo NSSR)

RS-168 Hans Herman Horn seen at the  Jupvik Shipyard on 27/09/18 (Photo courtesy Marshall79)

RS-167 Uni Sognefjord seen on 28/08/19 at Laikanger (Photo NSSR)

RS-158 Ider  Ulstein pictured at Farsund on 28/10/15 (PhotoCourtesy  Jose A. Martinez Rodeiro)

RS-158 Eidar Ulstein seen beached in the Haram Province, near Farsund, on 28/11/18 (Photo NSSR)

RS-158 Eider Ulsteinat the Jupvik Shipyard on 29/11/19 (Photo Marshall79_




Dimensions   Speed 40 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Hull and superstructure Range  
Engines 2 x mercury 400   2 + 10

designed by Berger Kullmann


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-148 Mjosvekteren LF5287 2012 Mjosa

148 Mjosvekteren seen on Lake MJosa (Photo unknown)


Ambulance bat


Dimensions   Speed 40 kts
GRT 20t Endurance  
Construction GRP Hull and superstructure Range 300 nm
Engines 2 x Volvo IPS 1500 + 2 Fischeer Panda 8000   2 + 10


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-420 Eyr Ytterholmen LCQN 2012 Bjorn
RS-421 Eyr Bremstein LCQQ 2012 Viga
RS-422 Eyr Miken LCQQ 2012 Rodoy
RS-423 Eyr Assvaer      

RS-420 Eyr Ytterholmen pictured off Bjorn (Author and bdate unknown)

RS-421 Eyr Bremstein pictured off Viga (Author and date unknown)

RS-422 Eyr Miken seen near Rodoy (Author and date


Support Boat-Klassen

Stottefartoy Klassen

(Built by Swedeship)

Dimensions 8. x 2.65m Speed 40 kts
GRT1t   Endurance  
Construction  Carbon sandwich range  
Engines 2 x 370 hp   Crew2/3


Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-801 Norsk Tipping I LF6484 2020  Levanger To Trondheim
RS-802 Norsk Tipping II LF6485 2020 Arendal. To Gothenburg on Maintenance by 06/05/21. To Egersund by 06/2021.
RS-803 Folke Patrikssonn I LF6486 2020 Oscarsborg
RS-804 Folke  Patriksson II


2020 Skjerhalden. To Oslo.
RS-805 Dora Elsebeth LF6488 2020 Stavern To Kristiansand To Oslo.
RS806 Uni Torungen LF6489 2021 Arendal
RS-807 Uni Oksoy LF2743 2021 Farsund
RS-808 Sjovekteren LF7244 2021 Kristiansand
RS-809 Jarlsby LF7245 2021 Kristiansand.



Either RS-801 or RS-02 Location and Date unknown (Photo Courtesy Swedeship Marine)

SF-802 off her base (Author, date unknown)

SF-03 Folke Patriksson I at her naming in 2021 (Photo NSSR)

SF-04 Folke Patriksson II at her naming in 2021 (Photo NSSR)

RS-05 Dora Elsepeth seen before delivery )Photo Bjorn Schei)


RS-806 Uni Torungen seen at Arendal in 2021 (Photo NSSR)



Dimensions   Speed 40 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction   range  
Engines     Crew



Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-?? Isvekteren   2020 Gjovik. Named 224/01/20


Nanki-Bergeson Klassen


Dimensions 13 x 4.00m Speed 40 kts
GRT 4t??? Endurance  
Construction 2 x Nogva/Cummins cTA 8 315hp range 250 nm
Engines 2 X Volvo Penta   Crew 2./3



Number Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
RS-86 Nanki Bergesen LXBD


1973 TStavern. To Disposal 1996.
RS-87 Gustav Hendriksen LM4596 1973 ToSkjaerhalden,  Disposal 1992
RS-88 Odd Fellow LM4596 1973 To Disposal 2010
RS-89 Ragni Berg LM5093 1974 To Disposal 2013
RS-90 Odd Fellow II LM5094 1975 Relief boat. To Disposal 2013
RS-91 Knut johan LM5571 1975 To Disposal 2008
RS-92 Odd Godager LM5596 1975 tTo Disposal 2008
RS-93 Aril LM5575 1975 To Disposal  1997 Based at Lillesand in 2020.


RS-86 nNanki Bergesen seen in Vancouver 20./09/08 )Photo Gary Markham)

RS-87 Gustav hendriksen seen Bergen in August 2018 (Photo Geirr Vinnes)


RS-88 ODD Fellow pictured at Hammarfest Date unknown (Photo Geir Vinnes)

RS-89 Ragni Berg seen in oslo 26/10/13 (Photo Frode Adolfsen)

RS-90 Odd Fellow II Seen in Oscarsborg on 02//05/13

RS-91 Knut Johan seen on exercise (Photo via NSSR)

RS-92 Odd Godager pictured  at Risor on 28/06/06  ( Author unknown)

rS-93 Aril , location and date unknown (Photo Arnulf Wibe)



A number of these "Rescue Runner" Craft are in use at various locations around Norway. They can be found on land as well as on-board some of the larger Vessels


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