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Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettug Schiffbrüchiger



Founded 29/05/1865.

HQ: Bremen

Operates some 59 lifeboats from 54 stations in the North Sea and Baltic.


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46-Metre Class


Dimensions 46m x 10m Speed 25kts
GRT 300t Endurance  
Construction Aluminum Superstructure and hull Range  
Engines   Crew  

Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Hermann Marwed SK29 DBAR 2003 D/Boat Verena II. Helgoland

The Hermann Marwed pictured at Helgoland on 05/08/17 (Photo Tim Bekker)

The Daughter Boat of the Hermann MARWED, Verena II Seen at Helgoland on 10/07/21 (Photo Marc Pingoud)




Dimensions 37.5 x 6m Speed  
  Aluminium hull and superstructure    

Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Harro Koebke SK32 DBAK 2012 D/Boat Notarius. Sassnitz.

Harro Koebke SK-32 Seen at Cuxhaven on 16/10/18 )Photo lisa Sonntag)

Haarro Koebk SK-38 seen before delivery at the Fassmer Works (Photo Courtesy Hartmann 76)

Notarius, daughter boat of Harro Koebke (Photo Andreas Borgit)



Dimensions 28m x 7m Speed  
  Aluminium hull and superstructure    


Fleet Details

Name C/Sign Year Base/Comment
sk-42Nis Randers   2021 Darsiy Ort, Delivered 11/09/21.. D/Boat Ule.
SK-41 Felix Sand DBAR 2021 Gromitz. Delivered 31/01/21. D/Boat Saphir
sK-40Hamburg DBAU 2020 Borkum Officially named 28/07/20. D.boat St Pauli.
Annelies Kramer SK37 DBAxM 2017 D/Boat Mathias. Cuxhaven
Berlin SK36 DBAR 2016 D/Boat Steppke. Laboe.
Ernst Meier-Head (SK35) DBAK 2015

D/Boat   Lotte. Bremerhaven

SK-42 seen at the  Fassmer works 13/09/21)photo Frank Behrends)

SK-42 Nis Randers seen in the Keill Canal onn 13/09/21 (Photo Courtesy Fabian)

The future Nis Randers pictured at Kiel/Laboe on 23/02/21 (Photo Baltic Nic)

Felix  Sand, SK41  seen at Travemunde on 22/03/22 (Photo Courtesy Wise)


SK-40 the future Hamburg seen at the Fassmer Werft on 08/08/19 (Photo Courtesy DGRZ)

SK-40 pictured   at the Fassmer Werks on 22/04/20 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SK--40 Hamburg pictured at emden 17/08/20 (Photo Courtesy Janhu(


Anneliese Kramer pictured on the River Elbe on 26/08/17 (Photo (Jens Smit)

Mathias the Daughter Boat of the Anneliese Kramer (DD9679) seen 21/09/17 (Photo Daniel Eckhart)

Berlin pictured at her base, with her Daughter Boat Steppke, on  21/10/17 (Photo Courtesy Wolfgang Barnitz

Stepke pictured aher base, daughter boat of Berlin (Photo Birgit Kollep)

Ernst Meier-Hedde photographed) at Bremerhaven with Daughter Boat Lotte, on 04/06/16 (Photo Frank Behrends)



Dimensions 27.5m x 7m Speed  
  Aluminium hull and superrstructure    


Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year D/Boat/Base/Comments
Bremen SK24 DBad 1992 D/Boat Vegesack Fehmaarm/Grosenbrod
Arkona SK23 DBAD 1993 D/Boat Casper. Warnemunde.
Vormann Steffans KRS19 DBAE 1989 D/Boat Adele. Hooksiel. De-commisioned 01/12/17. To Rostock as Fireboat. aAdele to display at Warnemunde.
Alfried Krupp KRS18 DBAA 1988 D/Boat Gluck Auf. Borkum. Left Station  01/05/20. For Sale at Wilhelmshaven.

Bremen pictured at her base on  02/11/06 with her Daughter Boat Vegesack (Photo Manfredd

Arkona seen near Warnemunde on 22/12/13 with Daughter Boat Casper )Photo Marcus S)

Caspar, daughter boat to Arkona seen on 03/08/16 (Photo Jonas Schutze)

The Vormann Steffens seen at her base with Daughter Boat Adele,  on 06/06/13 (Photo Claus Schaef

Adele seen at Warnemunde on display 06/07/19 (Photo Bernd Sautter_

Adele, daughter Boat of Voormann  Stephans )Place and Author unknown))

Alfried Krupp pictured near Eemshaven on 04/03/14, with Daughter Boat Gluck Auf (Photo Jens Smit)



Dimensions 23.3m x 6m Speed  
  Aluminuam hull and superstructure    


Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Hannes Glogner KRS22 DBAJ 1991 D/Boat, Flinthorn. Relief Boat North Sea. Withdrawn 04/2018. To ROU Uruguay in November 2018. With Herman Helms.
Vormann Jantzen KRS21 DBAG 1991 D/Boatt, Butscher. Relief Boat  Baltic Sea.
Nis Randers KRS20 DBAF 1990 D/Boat. Onkel Willi. Maasholm. to Relief Boat North Sea 04/2018. To Olpenitz 2018. To Relief North Sea 04/11/18. Retired 06./01/20. To Croatia as pleasure/Rescue boat 06/2020.

Hannes Glogner seen on 18/08/17 at Cuxhaven with Daughter Boat Flinthern (Photo Marcus S)

Vormann Jantzen seen at Warnemunde on 09/08/15 with Daughter Boat Butscher (PhotoFrank Behrends)

Nis Randers pictured at Cuxhaven, with Daughter Boat Onkel Willi, on 05/11/13 (Photo Claus Schaef)


KRT-20 Onkel Willi, daughter boat to Nis Randers at Kiel on 19/05/18 )Photo Alexander Krueger)



Dimensions 23.1m x 6m Speed  
  Aluminium hull and superstructure    


Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Bernhard Gruben SK28 DBBS 1997 D/Boat, Johann Fidi. Norderney. To Wilhelmshaven for overhaul. 09/011/17. To Hooksiel 04/2018.
Theo Fischer SK27 DBBR 1997 D.Boat, Stroper. Darser.
Hans Hackmack SK26 DBAT 1996 D/Boat, EMMI. Gromitz. to Relief 12/02/21.
Hermann Rudolf Meyer sK25 DBAC 1996 D/Boat, Cristian. Bremerhaven.

The Bernhard Gruben, with Daughter Boat Johann Fidi, on the River Wesel 21/09/13 (Photo Claus Schaef)

Theo Fischer departing Warnemunde with Daughter Boat Stroper, on 03/09/10 (Photo Malte Classens)

Hans Hackmack seen at Gromitz, with Daughter Boat Emmi, on 26/09/14 (Photo Claus Scha

Hermann Rudolf  Meyer, with Daughter Boat Christian, seen on the Nord-Oost Kanal on 14/10/17 (PhotoJoost Zaal)


20-m Class


Dimensions 20 x 6m Speed  
  Aluminium hull and superstructure    

Fleet Details

(Note this Class carry a Rigid Inflateable Boat)

Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Fritz Knack (SK-39)\ DG4448 2018 Olpenitz. (D/boat Ingeborg) Arrived at base Nov 2018. Officially Baptised  17/11/18.
Berthold Beitz  (SK38) DG7004 2017 D/Boat Else. Greifswalder Oie. Officially named 15/12/17.
Pidder Lung SK34 DBAP 2012 D/Boat Michel. List.
Theodor Storm SK33 DBAI 2011 D/Boat Nis Puk. Busum.
Eugen SK31 DBAV 2009 D/Boat Hurbertus. Greifswalder Oie To Bremen in 2017. To Norderney 09/01/17.
Eiswette (SK 30) DBAB 2008 D/Boat Novize. Nordstrand.

The new boat for Olpenitz SK-39 pictured on test on 26/09/18 (Photo Martin Tolle)

Fritz Knack seen in the Kiel Canal on 24/02/21 )Photo Baltic Nic)

Fritz Knack SK-39 seen at its official baptism on 17/11/18. (Photo Alexander Krueger)

Pidder Leung pictured on the River Weser on 26/01/17 (Photo Claus Schaef)

Michel,Daughter boat of Pidder Lung seen on 27/02/19 )Photo Andreas Borgit)

Theodore Storm seen at Busum on 05/08/17 (Photo Tim Bekker)

Eugen photographed on 25/04/09 (Photo Courtesy Chris Hartmann)

Hurbertus, daughter boat to Eugen, seen on 06/01/17 (Photo Stephan Muhr)

Eiswette photographed at Brake on 20/07/14 (Photo Claus Schaef


  • 9.5M-Class


Dimensions 9.5m Speed  

Built by Arctic Air boats, Finland.


Fleet Details


Name Year C/sign Builder/Base/Comments
SRB-83SRB-83 Pug 2021 DBAF2 Prerow/Wieck.
SRB-82Herwil Gotsch 2020 DBAC2 Schleswig . Delivered 28/02/21. Officially named 10/07/21.
SRB-81 Eva Arens-Thies 2020 DBAL Euckamuunde. Delivered 05/07/20.  Officially named  30/08/20
SRB-79 Manfred Hestofer 2019 DBBL reege Naming 08/09/19.
SRB-76 Helmut  Manthey 2018 DK8349 Maarsholm Officially named 09/07/18.


SrB-76 seen at Marsholm on 26/03/18 )Photo Malte Hein)

Hellmut Manthey was named at Maarsholm on 09/07/18 )Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-79 Manfred Hestofer on her way to her naming 08/09/19 (Photo Steven Borg)

SRB-81 en-route to Euckemunde on 05/07/20 )Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-82 on her way to Schleswig on 28/03/21 (Photo Stephan Muhr)

SRB-83 pictured T BREMEN IN 2009 (photo DGRZ)a

SRB-83 Pug seen on her arrival at her base (Photo Alexander Krueger)


Dimensions 9.5m-C Speed  


Fleet Details

Builders: Tamsen Maritim, Rostock-Gehlsdorf = T, Fassmer, Berne = F,

  • Lurssen  = L. Schweers = S

Name/SRB No. Year C/S Builder/Base/Comments
SRB-80 Erich Koschubs 2021 DBAF (T) travemunde Delivered 26/11/20.
SRB-78Otto Diersch 2020 DBKX (T) Noordiech. Delivered 26/07/20.
SRB-77 Romy Frank 2020 DBKW (T) Putgarden Officially named 28/02/20.
SRB-75Wolfgang Paul Lorenz 2019 DBKT (T) Horumerseil. Officially named 12/10/19.
SRB-74 Peter Habig 2019 DBAJ (T) Wilhelmshaven. Delivered 07/05/19. Officially named 19/05/19.
SRB-73 Gerhard   Elsner 2019 DH5366 (T) Schilksee, Officially named 20/01/19.
SRB-72Mervi 2018 DD4371 )T)Training Fleet/Neustadt/Holstein. Officially named 27/10/18.
SRB-71 Ursula Dettmann 2018 DD4353 (T) Gelting Officially named 25/08/18.
SRB-70Wolfgang Wiese 2018 DH3207 (T) Timandorf/Peeol.
imanoa SRB-69 2017 Da6180 (T) Damp.
Fritz Thieme SRB 68 2017 DA6179 (F) Wangerooge Officially named 08/04/18..
Secretarius SRB-67 2017 DD9495 (F) Langeoog
Hans Dittmer SRB-66 2017 DK7002 (F) Juist.
Hendrich Wuppesahl SRB-65 2015 DK8116 (T) Neuistadt/Holsteim.
Konrad-OttoSRB 64 2006 DH2358 (F)Kuhlungsborn
Nausikaa SRB 63 2006 DH2356 (F) Vitte/Hiddensee
Holst Heiner Kneten SRB 62 2006 DH2306 (F) Hernum
Kurt Hoffman SRB 61 2005 DB3015 (F) Glowe.
Elli-Hoffmann Roser SRB 60 2004 DK3090 (F) Baltrum.
Eckernforde SRB 59 2004 DK3088 (L) Eckenforde.
Paul Neisse SRB 58 2003 DJ5386 (L) Eiderdamm
Walter Ros  TB-31 2003 DJ5387 (L) Schilksee. To Nuistadt Training School 01/2009.
WolteraSRB-57 2002 DG7348 (L) Lippe.
Casper Otten SRB 56 2001 DG7374 (S) Lauterbach.
Heiligenhafen(SRB 55) 2000 DD4988 Heiligen)S) hafen.
 Neuharlingersiel (SRB 54) 2000 DD4980 (S) Nieuharlingerseil.
Emil Zimmermann (SRB 53) 2000 DD4662 (S) Puttgarden To Federwersiel 24/01/20..
Hans Ingwersen (SRB 52) 2000 DD46 (S) Travemunde To Dampe.
Hertha Jeep (SRB 51) 1999 DD4564 (S) Stralsund.
Heinz Orth (SRB 50) 1999 DD4564 (S) Freest.
Werner Kuntze (SRB 49) 1999 DD4639 (S) Langbelligau
Gillis Gullbranson (SRB 48) 1999 DD4598 (S) Bransbuttel.
Wilma Sikorski (SRB 47) 1999 DD4594 (S) Wangerooge. To Norddeich2018.  Replaced by 07/2020.



SRB-80 Erich Koschubs at her naming 22/05/21 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-80 on its arrival at Travemunde on 26/11/20 (Photo Alexander Kruger)

Romy Frank, SRB-77, seen at her Christening at Putgarden on 29/02/20 (Photo Alexander Krueger)


SRB-77 pictured at Rostock in January 2020 (Photo Courtesy DGRZ)

SRB-75 Wolfgang Paul Lorenz at the naming on 12/10/19 (Photo Andreas Borgit)

SRB-74 Peter Habig seen at her naming on 19/05/19 (Photo Felix Kersten)

SRB-74, prior to its naming at Wilhelmshaven on 11/05/19 (Photo Alexander Krueger)


Gerhard Elsner, SRB-73, at her naming ceremony on 20/01/19 (Photo Bern Sautter)

SRB-72 Mervi pictured at Nieustadt on 28/10/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

Ursula Dettmann SRB-71, pictured on her naming on 25/08/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-70 Wolfgang Wiese seen at Timandorf on 22/04/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

Niminoa (SRB 69) seen shortly after delivery to Dampe (Photo via Maik Jens Linebroog)

Fritz Thiem, SRB-68 at Wangerooge on her naming ceremony on 08/04/18 (Photo Andreas Borgert)

SRB68 seen before its Official Naming in Wangerooge in December 2017 (Photo David Jager)

Secretarius SRB-67 pictured on 12/08/17 (Photo Stephan Muhr)

Hans Dittmar, SRB-66, pictured at Wilhelmshaven on 25/04/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-65 Hendrich Wuppersall seen on 27/06/18 at Neustadt (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-64 Conrad-Otto , date and location unknown (Photo Mario Harken)

SRB-63 Nausikaa seen near Hiddensee on 15/07/15 (Photo Marc Pingoud)

Horst Heiner Kneten (SRB 62) seen near Hornum on 23/07/17 (Photo Claus Schaef)

SRB-61 Kurt Hoffman seen in the Kiel Canal on 20/12/20 (Photo  Marcus S)

Elli-Hoffmann Roser  SRB 60, seen near Baltrum  23/04/17 )Photo Claus Schaef


SRB-59 Eckenforde pictured on 19/05/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

TB-31, Walter rose pictured at Schiltze on 30/07/17 (Photo Felix  Kerston)

SRB-58Paul Niesse Seen of the  Noordenham) coast on 04/09/16 (Photo Claus Schaefe)

Woltera SRB-57 pictured at Juist on 11/08/13 ( (Photo by Molloy)

Heilginhafen (SRB-55) seen near its base on 16/06/19 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

SRB-54 Neuharlingersiel seen at its base on 21/02/08 )Photo Molloy)

Neuharlingersiel, sRB-54, pictured near its base on 08/04/18 (photo Stephan Muhr)

SRB-53 Emil Zimmermann pictured at Putgarden on 10/05/18 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

Hans Ingwersen (SRB52) pictured at Travemunde on 16/09/17 (Photo Malte Klassens)

Hertha Jeep, SRB-51, seen at Stralsund on 03/03/13 (Photo Marcus S)

SRB-50 Heinz Orth , place and date unknown (Photo Mario Harken)

Wolterer (TB 31) Seen at Juist on 13/08/13 (Photo by Molloy)

SRB-48 Gillis Gullbransson seen at Cuxhaven on 08/04/18 (Photo Claus Schaef)

Wilma Sikorski, SRB-47, near its base on 15/09/17 )Photo Stephan Muhr)

SRB-47 Wilma Sikorski pictured in Neu Harlingersiel on on 26/10/20 )Photo Rainer Lumman)






8.5m x 3m Speed  17.5 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Hull and Superstructure Range  
Engines   Crew  



Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Stralsund SRB-46 DH3781 1994 Prerow/Wieck. TTo Gluckstadt Fire Dept 2021.
Baltrum SRB-44 DH3779 1994 Horumersiel. to DSRS in 2019. Oct 2019
Crempe SRB-43 DH3778 1994 Relief Boat. To Bremen 01/08/18. Sold to ??
Walter Merz SRB-38 DH37732 1994 Schleswig. to be replaced late 2020.Too Estonia 2021.
Jens Fureschipp SRB-42 DH3777 1993 .Gelting. WFS 08/2018.
Hermann Onken SRB-41 DH3776 1993 Fedderwarderseil. Replaced in 01/2020.. To
Helmut Manthey sRB_40 DH3775 1993 Lippe/Weisenhau WFU 2018. . To Ghana.
Otto Behr SRB_39 DH3774 1993 Wilhelmshaven To Zinnowitz 07/2019.
Dornbusch SRB-35 DH3770 1993 Breege Tom Estonia
Gerhard Ten  Doornkat SRB-33 DH3768 1992 Euckamunde.
Guenther Schoeps SRB-32 DH3767 1992 Timmendorf/Peool To Disposal 04/04/18. TO Ghana

Stralsund, date, location and author unknown

Baltrum, pictured at Horumersiel on 27/12/07 (Photo Ship photods)

Crempe. which is used as a Relief Boat, seen at Brake on 25/03/17 (Photo Claus Schaef)

Otto Behr pictured at Wilhelmshaven on 04/01/17 (Photo Frank Behrends)

Dornbusch, location and date unknown (photo Courtesy Wikipedia)

Hermann Onken pictured near Brake on 12/04/17 (Photo Claus Schaef)

SRB-40 Helmutt Manthy pictured near Brake on 05/02/13 (Photo Claus Schaef)

Guenther Schoeps pictured on the River Wesser on 04/04/18 as she sailed into retirement (Photo Stephen Muhr)







8.28, Speed  17.5 kts
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium Hull and Superstructure Range




Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Asmmus Bremer KRST-29 DF6780 1987 Preserved at Munich

Marie Louise RendtKRST-30 KRst-30

DF6781 1988 Preserved at Eckenferd.
Franz Stapelferdt KRST-31 DA3112 1990 Preserved at Schilksee

Asmus Bremer seen preserved at the Munich Museum 11/02/17 (Author unknown)


Marie Louise Rendt preserved in Eckernferd )Photo Sascha Bon)

Franz Stapelferdt (KRST-31) seen at Shilksee on 04/05/17 (Photo Alexander Krueger)



Dimension 7.00m x 3m Speed  
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium hull and superstructure Range  
Engines   Crew  


Fleet Details


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Zander SRB T1 DH3782 1993 Zingst.
Hecht sRB-t2 DH3783 1993 Zinnowvitz
Barsch SRB-T3 DH3784 1993 Wustrow
Butt SRB-T4 DH3785 1993  Maasholm 2012. Renamed Wuppertal in 2012. Retired in 2018 and displayed at  Kuehlungsborn.


Zander seen at Zingst on 16/06/18 (Photo Captain Laura)

Barsch Seen at Wustrow on 28/08/19 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

Baarsch pictured on 01/10/17, location unknown (Photo Felix Kersten)

Hecht pictured at Bremerhaven in 2015 (Photo Maik Jens Linebroog)

Butt, before she was renamed !!! (an unfortunate name now, seen ? Author and location unknown)

Wuppertal seen on 01/08/17, location unknown (Photo Felix Kersten)

Wuppertal seen at Kuehlungsborn, date and author unknown, please let me know)



Old 7.00-Class


Dimension 7.00m x 3m Speed  
GRT   Endurance  
Construction Aluminium hull and superstructure Range  
Engines   Crew  


Fleet Details


Note: KRST-28 Max Carstensen was built as the last 7.00m boat in Class with modifications and was more like the Daughter boats of the 23.1-class Kruisers


Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
KRST-28 Max Carstensen DD29053 1983 ON Display at Hamburg Museum
KRST-22 Ilka DA8103 1971 Retired in 1999. Sold to Lithuanian SAR.
KRsT-21 Umma, renamed Nordiech in 1990 DA8245 1971 Retired in 1994. To M/s ?? In Bremerhaven Museum as "Movenort"..
KRST-20 Tamina DA8244 1971 Retired in 1998. To Bremen Museum.
KRST-19 Gesina DA8243 `1971 Retired in 1993. On Display at Wangerooge.
KRST-18 Eltje. DA8110 1972 Retired in in 1999. On display at Husum.
KRST-17Kaatje. Renamed Bruntje in 1990,. Renamed Superd in 1991. DA8105 1971 Retired in 1999. Displayed at Kap Arkona on Isle of Rugen.
KRST-16 Bruntje. Renamed in 1990 as Movenort. DA8109 1971 Retired in 1993. On display at Harum/Ems as Bruntje.
KRST-15 Maartje DA8106 1971 Retired 1987. Sold to Yacht Marine Stanberger See/Bavaria.
KRST-14 Grietje Renamed Swanty in 1990 DA8111 1971 Retired in 1993 On display at Hamburg Museum.
KRST-13 Swantje DA7182 1971 Retired  1994. Displayed at Cuxhaven.
KRST-12 Doortje DA7183 1971 Retired  1988. Sold to School Schloss Dalem Bodensee.
KRST-11 Trientje DA7184 1971 Retired 1993 Sold private


KRST-28 Max Carstensen pictured in about 2014 at the Hamburg Museum (Photo Courtesy Thomas Hartwig)

KRST-28 Max Carstensen seen in private hands in 2004 (Author and location unknown)

KRST-20 Tamina pictured at the Bremen Museum in 2014 (Photo Courtesy Thomaas Hartwig)

KRST-19 Gesina pictured at Wangerooge on 30/10/14 (Photo Thomas Hartwig)


KRST-18 Eltje pictured at Husum, date unknown. (Photo via Maik Jens Linebroog, not sure of original author

KRST-17 Preserved on the Island of Rugen at Kap Arkona as Superd, pictured in 2014 (Photo Alexander Krueger)

KRST-16 Bruntje on display at Harum/Ems in 2014 (Photo Courtesy Thomas Hartwig))

KRST-14 Grietje seen in the Hamburg Museum  in 2014 (Photo Courtesy Thomas Hartwig)

KRST-13 Swantje seen at Cuxhaven in 2016 (Author Unknown)

KRST-11 Trientje  seen in 2004, location unknown (Photo Kristoff Grimlowski)



Dimensions 37.5 x 6m Speed  
Grt   Endurance  
Construction Rigid hull, Hyperlon sponsons   Range
Engines     Crew


Fleet Details


Na C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Dora DH3785 2003 Ueckermunde stolen 31/08/18.


Dora seen on practice runs (Date/author unknown/Wikipedia)

A page.


Training boat


Dimensions   Speed  
Grt   Endurance  
Engines   Crew  



Name C/Sign Year Base/Comments
Carlo Schneider   2021 Delivered 04/07/21.

Built by Shipyard Hermann Barthel, Derben/River Elbe.


Preserved Boats



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