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TTThe RNLB William Gordon Burr (17-30) at the Portrush---------------------------------------------------------

These pages are by no means intended to present a historical overview of the history of the RNLI, this is more to portray an current overall picture of the organisation focusing on the lifeboat stations locations and deployment of the individual lifeboats themselves. For more additional information on the activities and fundraising of the RNLI please click on any of the RNLI flags at the top of each page to go to the official website. So far we have only "scratched the surface" of this subject, if anyone has updated information or photographs please send them through to the address below all will be credited. There are possibilities we may introduce a dedicated forum to the subject in the future, but there are only so many hours in a day! Also a page is being considered for the old lifeboats that are still in existence, again information and photographs are most welcome....and you can always make a donation direct to the RNLI by clicking on the panels on the left hand side of each page, remember every single pound counts!!!

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The RNLI is headquartered at Poole, Dorset and has recently been re-organized into a larger number of regional offices, each managing a smaller  amount of stations. For ease of viewing these will remain in geographical order. There are at present some 238 lifeboat stations around the coast of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: - Scotland (48), North (33), Wales and West (35), East and South-East (41), Ireland (45) and the South-West (35) together operating over 336 individual lifeboats.

2012-2016 Plan

To reconfigure lifeboat coverage to best meet the operational requirements through the established coastal review process. To continue to develop and introduce the Fast Carriage Boat 2 (FCB2) Shannon-Class all-weather lifeboat (Mersey replacement) in to the fleet from 2013. Update the fleet where appropriate with the following new lifeboats:Shannon-Class 4-6 per year.   B-class Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) - 8 per year and IB1 (D-class) ILB - 17 per year. To continue to review future requirements for hovercraft expansion as well as additional lifeboat coverage on inland waters and to review the life extensions for Severn and Trent-class boats.


Build Programme 2016-2020
Type 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total
Shannon-Class (1.5m Each) 6 6 6 6 6 36
B-class (180,000 each). 8 58 8 8 8 40
Trainning Boats (400,000) Each           2
D-class (IB1) - (37,000 each). 14 14 14 14 14 70



ILB's at RNLI HQ at Poole (Photo N. Rush)



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The RNLB Sir Samuel Kelly pictured on 21/09/08 preserved at Donaghadee, Northern Ireland (Photo N. Rush)

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My thanks of course must go to the RNLI, all of its Lifeboats Stations around the UK and Ireland and their dedicated crews without whom these page simply would not exist. Thanks must also go to those many photographers who have given permission for their photographs to be used on this site. Invaluable help came from many sources especially from Lutz Zetzsche/ (click the logo above) and the information and support he gave for this project. Thanks especially to Ships Monthly and Shipping Today and Yesterday for their help and to all other magazines that are too numerous to list.

Photographic Credits (so far!!): Ally1903, Babcock's, Ronnie Bell, Berthon Boat Company, Ian Boyle, Charles Bowley, Martin Briscoe, Joe Carroll, Charlie Chambers,, B. Clark, Kelvin Davies, Adrian Don, Steve Ellwood, John Feltham, Gary Faux, Martin Fish, Galley Boy, GM Photos, Kenneth Gibson, Adrian Green, Green Marine, Harrisman, Chris Hunch,, Iship, D. James,  Jennifer, Dr,  John Julian, Shaun Jones, Kelpie, Patrick Kenealy, Pete Legg, D. Mason, Moolen, Nigel Lawrence, Alexi Lindstrom, Richard Paton, Paul R, Pdnich, ProfessorSB, Nick Roe, Derick Sands, Sandyloch, Sidney Sinclair, Robert J. Smith, Capt. Hilmar Snorrason, Bruce Sutherland, TC2, Peter T, , The Turfburner,  Tony, Gary Young and apologies to anyone I have forgotten.